Session 1 – Planetfall

The Avocadians, having just left inter-system customs on the capital city of Ordus on the world Peris, are flagged down by another former passenger of the Edirimus. He introduces himself as Dran, and is welcomed to the party.

As a first priority, the party go to the trade and market sector in the capital while Braxi reaches out to a local Calian trade delegation set up in the city. Fal purchases some medical gear, Magni purchases a commpad, and Haywire begins making inquiries into having her inhibitor chip removed, encountering an odd, hooded gentleman known as Deprit. He is confronted and mutters his fascination before running off, leaving a contact chip in Haywire’s mechanical hands. The party are also warned by a merchant of alleged attacks against off-worlders in the city in the past few weeks.

Braxi agrees to meet with Orphus Timund, a Calian diplomat currently leading the offworld trade delegation. Orphus explains to Braxi that a half-forgotten starport abandoned during early construction when the Scream occurred, was a crucial element to a promising trade deal between the two worlds. The local Perisian-side of the delegation has suddenly pulled out and any recent information on the half-built port has gone dark. Braxi is hired to investigate further and report back to Orphus. Sometime later, the party re-cooperate in a local hotel. The holo-vision in their room reports rumours of alien species, the Alduri, continuing to expand their influence and a recent attack on off-world ex-patriots in a nearby slum.

The party conduct some searching through the use of the World Web, an all comprising data repository. Braxi learns the starport he has been charged to investigate is located on the Delos Isles along the equator of Peris, whilst Haywire looks into Deprit’s history. The party also conduct digging into the most recent attack and find a statement published by a city local, Geltrim Hols, publicly condemning the attacks. The party leave their hotel and reach out to Geltrim for more information, who agrees to meet in person at the location of the most recent attack. Later as they arrive, Geltrim informs the party about the two victims, Fed and Eld Copren, who are currently recuperating in a nearby hospital and offers accommodation in an ex-pat hostel in the slums this evening and what resources he can provide. Val uses her precognition to view if they might be in danger tonight, and sees a brief and confusing vision of a large energetic crowd on a city rooftop with drones flying fast overhead.

Visiting Fed and Eld, they find out from the brothers that there was a single assailant, at least as tall as Magni. Fed landed a few punches, and remembers a fast whirring overhead as he fell unconscious. As this discussion continued, Val notices a drone somewhat familiar to her earlier precognition and runs out of the hospital with Magni and Haywire in tow. They find two young boys packing up a drone who walk back to a residential complex. Magni inquiries further and after expressing interest in the drone is welcomed inside. The boys are introduced as Meph and Tilus Cornosen who have been training their skills for an upcoming drone match tonight. Whilst reviewing their training footage, Val, Magni and Haywire notice a short snippet of the drone, Little Lucy, flying overhead of the alley the night when Fed and Eld were accosted. The video footage, enhanced in a holo-display shows only the back of the large figure’s bald head.

As the party re-group, Dran expresses an interest in this upcoming drone content as he has a history of tinkering and fixing devices. The party travel to another local shop and purchase a second-hand drone which they plan to enter tonight, with information given from Meph. Magni considers whether they can draw out the bald figure again by retracing the actions of the Copren brothers.