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Tales from Trantor

Welcome! This website is home to the Tales from Trantor actual play podcast! We’re a group of Australians who play tabletop role-playing games, like Dungeons & Dragons, Cyberpunk and Traveller, where we record our game sessions to turn into an audio podcast series.

We recently finished playing and recording a series using Cyberpunk Red rules and settings, by R. Talsorian Games called Brace the Badlands. Our latest endeavour is Student of Strixhaven, played using Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition by Wizards of the Coast.

If you’re interested in our adventures and want to learn more, look around, and you’ll find some really cool content.

Latest Episodes

Stellar Drift – (Stars Without Number)

A group of space-faring adventurers begin looking for work on the moon of Woll, eager to find a ship and make some credits. This science fiction series uses the rules and settings of the Stars Without Number (revised edition) ruleset, created by Kevin Crawford.

Students of Strixhaven – (Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition)

Four students travel from across the world to study at Strixhaven, a highly coveted university for magical studies. Join this group of fresh faces as they start from their first day on campus to becoming powerful magic users in their own right. Played using the D&D 5th edition rules.

Brace the Badlands – (Cyberpunk Red)

What is waiting for you in the wastes outside of Night City, Choomba? Join the crew of the Brace the Badlands podcast as they attempt to restore the ruins of Bakersfield to a functional city in the time of the red. We play using R. Talsorian Game’s Cyberpunk Red rules.