We try to play a new game system each season, and we typically like to change the theme as well. So far, we have Sci-fi (Stellar Drift), Fantasy (D&D), and Cyberpunk (Cyberpunk Red).

Stellar Drift

In 3208, humanity has spread to the stars. The once powerful Terran mandate collapsed 600 years ago due to an event known as the Scream, which followed a period of quiet barbarism referred to in history as “The Silence”.

Over time, some human societies have survived, if not thrived, in the changed landscape and have begun to re-explore the universe, uncovering and salving mandate-era equipment for scrap, salvage or credits.

Students of Strixhaven

How difficult could a Magical University be? Played using the Dungeons and Dragons, 5th edition rules, by Wizards of the Coast.

A group of students finds themselves thrown into chaos on their first day, and continue their journey together, whilst uncovering something amiss on campus.

Brace the Badlands

The year is 2045. Welcome to Night City, chombatta. Played using the Cyberpunk Red system by R. Talsorian Games.

A crew of “reclaimers”, those who thrive on travelling to the lawless areas beyond civilised cities, take on a job to bring Bakersfield, Southern California back to life. What is waiting for them in the badlands?

The Archives

Tales from Trantor officially published in 2021 with the Brace the Badlands series, but the players of the podcast were playing RPGs for a long time in home games. Provided below is what we call “The Archives”, which is a collection of history from some of the other roleplaying games we played over the years.

Star Snakes Podcast Cover Image

Star Snakes

Set in the Traveller universe, this adventure leads a space-faring crew on some interesting travels in the far-future amongst the stars.

This series started in-person in 2017, and continued intermittently over a number of years before being paused in 2020.


Using the Stars Without Number (Revised) rule-set, a variety of characters find themselves embroiled in an adventure.

We didn’t record these episodes at the time (we were playing in-person at another person’s house), but the full episode summaries are available for reading.