The podcast couldn’t have been possible without the work of many talented people, from the third parties who produce amazing material, to the players who play the game, and everyone in between. Here is a list of people that the podcast could not be possible without:

The Players

For everyone who has ever played with us, past and present, thank you for being part of the experience. While we may not have shared every session together, each interaction has made the games that bit better.

The Friends

A special thanks to David, Shane, Jacob, Nate, Tim, Lachlin, the Gareths, Paul, Simon, Kylee, Debbie, Damien, Jackson and Dawood for helping to pitch in for some better audio equipment. You’ve helped to make every episode better! We start to use this equipment from Episode 8 of Brace the Badlands!

Michael Ghelfi

Michael Ghelfi is a talented audio engineer, creating amazing fantasy, modern and sci-fi ambience and sound effects. Most, if not all, episodes of the Tales from Trantor podcast features some of his modern ambiences. If you’d like some great ambience for your next D&D, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi or any other type of tabletop game, check out Michael’s Patreon and YouTube accounts.

Tabletop RPG Music

Some episodes feature background music used courtesy of Tabletop RPG Music. Tabletop RPG Music is a great creator of a variety of themes for tabletop games, ranging from gentle and serene scenes, to complex battle-heavy soundscapes. Check out their Patreon, YouTube and Spotify!

Dark Fantasy Studio

A number of scenes in the Brace the Badlands campaign involving heavy dialogue will often feature some Dark Fantasy Studio’s music. They are also used heavily for interlude segments. Check out their website for more information.


A number of background sound effects are courtesy of Adobe, and their open Adobe Audition Sound Effects bundle. Definitely a must-have for your next podcasting/gaming session!


reinaldoind on Fiverr was commissioned to produce the artwork of a magical university used for the Strixhaven podcast. Thank you!


bradleyparsons on Fiverr was commissioned to produce our first piece of podcast music, which is used as the intro/outro music in the archived Star Snakes series.

And of course: You!

If you are reading this, chances are you are a fan of the podcast. Thank you for choosing to listening to our series and checking out the website. If you are interested in other awesome podcasts, here are some favourites: