Session 2 – Dirty Drones

Dran takes some time to test his drone in a local park, ensuring it is in good working order. The party agree to visit the local bar where Fed and Eld visited a few nights ago, The Dusty Traveller. After a few drinks, Magni approaches pair of men who had been watching the party with some interest. One of the men, Ris, seemingly irritable, squabbles with Magni. The other man, Julos, calms him down and ask Magni to leave.

Later on in the evening, Dran and Fal attend the sky scraper where the drone-racing brothers Meph and Tilus had said they were attending. Haywire and Val set themselves up to watch the event from a neighbouring tower. Braxi and Magni purposefully ensure they follow a path to the ex-pats hostel in the city, and notice they are being tailed. After ensuring Braxi’s safety in the hostel’s small bar, Magni walks the streets and manages to draw the attention of the tail again.

Havos, the organiser of the event informs the participants they will need to fly their drones to a neighbouring sky scraper, a few hundred metres away towards the city centre. In the top offices of the building are a number of packages with RF tags, visible to the drone sensors and optics. The drone racing event kicks off, with Dran’s drone, now named ‘Please Go Fast’, up against a handful of others:

Little Lucy – Piloted by Meph and Tilus
Olaf – Piloted by Aril
Ignite ‘o’ bot – Piloted by Kinto Kar
Capria III – Piloted by Olivas Mon

Shortly after the event begins, Olaf is knocked out by Ignite ‘o’ bot. Dran takes lead utilising his psionic telekinesis to give the drone a ‘push’, with the others following shortly behind. Please Go Fast utilises its position to steer the other contenders in the race towards the sky scraper Haywire and Val are watching from.

As they are watching, Haywire and Val are interrupted by a pair of hooded cloaks. The cloaked figures quickly escape back down from the roof, and minutes later some shattered glass is heard. Upon investigating, Haywire finds the pair have an advanced net launcher, designed to enclose around a drone to remove it from the competition. Utilising her hacking abilities, the Net Launcher is reprogrammed remotely allowing a new target to be specified. As the drones all near the sky scraper, the cloaked pair down below fire their launcher, and Haywire assigns a new target. Capria III is caught in the meshed netting and falls to the city below. Val utilises her psionic ability to damage Ignite ‘o’ bot, which trails closely behind.

Dran is able to navigate the drone to collect a package in the target building’s office interior, and a race back to the start ensues, with Little Lucy shortly behind. Haywire is able to land a shot on Ignite ‘o’ bot, greatly damaging its speed. Towards the finish line, Please Go Fast reaches a slight lead and wins the race. The Cornosen brothers are disappointed, but congratulate Dran on the win.

Meanwhile, Magni is able to surprise and knock down one of his tails in an alley, damaging their leg, and threatens the other one with his weapon. The two are identified as Julos and Ris, from the bar earlier that evening. Julos agrees to assist Magni with stopping the attacks if he helps get Ris to medical treatment in a safe house nearby. As Magni enters with the safe house, he calls for the party to regroup so they can find the ringleader to these assaults on off-worlders.