Fennec is a NOMAD, and member of the Aegis Air Nomads, who base themselves out of the Inyokern Airbase.

Using his neural link, Fennec can pilot and control most vehicles using his brain directly (hands-free!) which can be useful in hostile situations. His common loadout includes a heavy pistol and roman short sword.


Fennec is adept at Driving and Piloting Land, Sea and Air vehicles, which is to be expected for a nomad. He also sports strong experience in Tracking and Wilderness Survival, making him a vital resource in the badlands. His experience with Melee Weapons, Handguns and Shoulder Arms makes him a tough target during combat, and he has decent Stealth, just in case the crew want to go quiet.


Fennec descends from family in Western Europe who moved into the United States to make their mark on the world. His family originated as reclaimers, sourcing sort after goods and merchandise thought lost to the world for a steady fee. The family soon joined up with others forming the Aegis clan he now operates with.

The Aegis clan ties its founding to a formerly abandoned airfield in Inyokern, California. After a long summer of repairs, his family was able to repair and restore a small fleet of planes and gyros. They soon got to work establishing trade and transport deals with nearby cities, governments and corporations.

Intelligence (INT)7
Reflexes (REF)6
Dexterity (DEX)8
Technique (TECH)4
Cool (COOL)6
Willpower (WILL)7
Luck (LUCK)6
Movement (MOVE)5
Body (BODY)6
Empathy (EMP)3 (5)
Stats are from 1 (low) to 10 (high). Fennec is nimble, thanks to his DEX, helping to make Drive and Pilot checks with all types of vehicles.
The Aegis Clan logo. It represents the Inyokern Airfield where the clan was founded


Want to know more about Fennec’s past life as a nomad? Take a look at in Fennec’s Origin Episode!

In this standalone one-shot episode, we look backward to a moment in the life of Fennec, the crew’s Nomad. Fennec is flying a transport job alongside his brother Gallen, when they are called in to provide a pick up to a few members of the dotHASH group. His night progressively becomes more chaotic as the dotHASH group are found to be carrying high-value Zetatech secrets.


This 5-door may look simple, but it packs a punch.

As a Nomad, Fennec prides himself on his assortment of vehicles. While the Aegis clan are primarily air nomads, they retain a number of land vehicles for everyday use. Fennec’s go-to is a modified ground car sporting the Aegis nomad clan logo. Internally, the car has been modified to safely accommodate extra passengers (though it won’t be roomy) and an auto-fire machine gun on the roof. The gun is capable of both neural-linked targeting and firing, and the traditional mounted turret approach.