Gunhead is a NETRUNNER who utilises his Cyberdeck to hack into the NET in the time of the Red.

Gunhead makes use of his cyberdeck and Interface Plugs to connect into NET architecture. In the time of the red, there is always a NET to crack.


Gunhead is skilled with NET running abilities, but also boasts strong skills in Cybertech, Cryptography and Electronics/Security Tech. All to be expected from a hacker, of course. When in battle, Gunhead relies on his handgun to take enemies down.


More will be revealed during Gunhead’s origin episode!

Intelligence (INT)6
Reflexes (REF)6
Dexterity (DEX)6
Technique (TECH)7
Cool (COOL)6
Willpower (WILL)5
Luck (LUCK)7
Movement (MOVE)7
Body (BODY)7
Empathy (EMP)4 (6)
Stats are from 1 (low) to 10 (high). Gunhead has an all-around powerful stats distribution.


A NETRUNNER is nothing without their trusty cyberdeck. ONO-SENDAI RAIJIN4 is a 7-Slot cyberdeck that Gunhead uses to access NET architecture and mainframes.

An example of an ONO-SENDAI Cyberdeck. Stickers are a must. Original image source here

His current loadout includes the following programs:

  • Armor (Defender)
  • Eraser (Booster)
  • Hellhound (Black ICE)
  • Superglue (Anti-Personnel Attacker)
  • Sword (Anti-Program)
  • Vrizzbolt (Anti-Personnel Attacker)
  • Worm (Booster)

Gunhead also sports a backup drive, keeping a safe copy of programs should they be de-rezzed and deleted in the heat of battle.