Rama is a LAWMAN, a Night City police officer working under the MAXTAC division. With an assortment of weapons and equipment, he operates as the tactical member of the group.

Given his years of service, Rama can boast a strong track record of dealing with gangers the hard way. His goal is clean up the street.


Rama is skilled with a variety of weapon types, and can safely say he knows how to handle everything from a pea-shooter to a bazooka. He also is highly skilled in Interrogation, Tracking, Criminology and Deduction.


More will be revealed in Rama’s origin story!

Intelligence (INT)6
Reflexes (REF)6
Dexterity (DEX)5
Technique (TECH)6
Cool (COOL)8
Willpower (WILL)7
Luck (LUCK)6
Movement (MOVE)7
Body (BODY)6
Empathy (EMP)3 (6)
Stats are from 1 (low) to 10 (high). With his high COOL stat, Rama is able to persuade, or interrogate, people in most situations.


(More on this coming soon)