Rez is a MEDTECH, and has worked full time for Night City’s Trauma Team, before taking on a role with Recyclands.

Rez is a talented Trauma Team medical officer, and has served several years in the many difficult situations, Night City has to offer. Equipped with a build in Medscanner on her arm, Rez can easily assess, triage and attend to injuries that occur.


Rez is skilled with a variety of technical skills, such as Cybertech, Medical Tech, and the more uncommon Paramedic and Surgery skills. This means in a worst-case scenario, Rez would likely be the one patching you up and getting you into a cryo-pump. For reaching her clients, Rez sports a Combat Shotgun, and can also equip a ballistic shield should the need arise.


Rez has served for several years as a medical officer with the Night City based Trauma Team, a private corporation offering medicare-for-hire services to client’s who pay an ongoing monthly subscription.

In situations where she has encountered a deceased hostile with cyberware, she has tried to smuggle out parts to give to her brother Ricky, a ripper-doc.

Intelligence (INT)6
Reflexes (REF)6
Dexterity (DEX)7
Technique (TECH)7
Cool (COOL)5
Willpower (WILL)4
Luck (LUCK)6
Movement (MOVE)6
Body (BODY)5
Empathy (EMP)3 (6)
Stats are from 1 (low) to 10 (high). Rez uses her TECH stat to aid in First Aid and Paramedic skill checks.


Trauma Team – 2045

What does a Trauma Team call out look like? Find out inĀ Rez’ Origin Episode!

In this standalone one-shot episode, we look backward to a moment in the life of Rez, who previously worked as a Trauma Team MedTech. Called out to a high-rise apartment block, Rez and her team must locate and secure the executive-class clients to extract them to safety.