VC is the crew’s TECH meaning he is highly skilled in the creation, maintenance and destruction of all types of technical and electrical equipment.

VC has a built-in “tool hand”, meaning he has all the tools he needs on-the-job at the tip of his fingers! He also sports micro-optics for enhanced magnification in the field, which helps to spot threats in the Badlands early.


VC is highly experienced in any kind of TECH. This includes basic and cybernetic tech, along with Electronics/Security, Weaponstech and even Land Vehicles. VC is intelligent and also has high Education and Science skills.

Intelligence (INT)8
Reflexes (REF)7
Dexterity (DEX)5
Technique (TECH)6
Cool (COOL)3
Willpower (WILL)3
Luck (LUCK)7
Movement (MOVE)6
Body (BODY)6
Empathy (EMP)5 (7)
Stats are from 1 (low) to 10 (high). VC is luckier than most, and is probably the smartest of the bunch.