6 – Squid and Anchor

Celebrating their return from Iderati X, the crew of the HIGHNDRY head to a spacebar, called the Anchor Point, on the highport in the system. As luck would have it, Asang spots a familiar face, an Alturian named Mul Mantamari. The crew introduces themselves, and share a few more rounds of drinks.

They find out that Mul has worked for many years as a broker, and invite him to come with them as they need to offload some cargo they have onboard their ship. They review their options on where to travel next. Bringing up their TravellerMap, and decide to offload the half ton of narcotics they have onboard on a low law level planet within their Jump-2 limit. Penelope presents the best option, and they agree to go. 

With the crew aboard, they fly out of the 100-diameter jump limit in the system, and begin to prep the ship for launch. Wade, having had one too many drinks, needs Phoenix’s assistance with preparing the ship for jump but eventually succeeds. Meanwhile, Bradley fixes up the Groundcar, stored in the lower deck cargo hold. The ship jumps, and the crew prepare for arrival on Penelope.

Traveller Data:
Penelope, located in the Five Sisters Subsector, consists of a small, desert world. 

Much of the population lives towards the arctic ring on the northern pole of the planet, where a large team of scientists, government agents, and corporations are working to plan how to terraform the planet. Smaller estates and towns are present throughout the dry landmass, but the low law and technology level has seen a rise in criminal behaviour outside established colonies and outposts.