A young haired, human male. He has a short, well-trimmed beard and wears a scarf around his neck. He is looking out towards his left.

Name: Arth Yondai

Species: Human

Class: Bard (College of Lore)

Greatest Strength: I have the passion and drive required to investigate the deepest secrets of the universe. I am focused on my goal and am ready to make sacrifices to achieve it.

Greatest Flaw: I am single-minded and dedicated to my goal, to the detriment of those around me. I am not antisocial, but people can wait – knowledge cannot.

Family: Arth comes from a quiet farming town, where his father, Arthur, and mother, Lua, retired to after their own adventuring days. While working on the family farm, Arth finds himself exercising the mind more than his muscles – and has learnt the story of every branch, leaf, and stone in the village. His doting sister Celeste, younger by about 15 years, loves to practice swordsmanship with him and their father, as well as cooking and music with Arth and their mother.


WISDOM14 (+2)
Stats as of 3rd level.

Notable Skills

Arth has at least half-proficiency with just about everything, thanks to one of his bard abilities. He has expertise in Arcana and Nature.