Name: Edolkar Seven-Handed.
Given name: Robern Stoutarm

Species: Minotaur

Class: Barbarian

Greatest Strength: Despite the obvious physical strength they have over (most) others, Edolkar’s greatest strength is his wisdom. Having come from a home where there are no misconceptions about the natural order of the world or the brutality of nature, his ability to see through much of modernity’s needless complexities and social games serves him well.

Greatest Flaw: As much a strength as it is a flaw, Edolkar is out of place in many social circles – as much unwilling to participate in such needless things as he is unable. His physicality and appearance betrays this to others as much his attitude, often judged before he can open his mouth.

Family: Whilst his entire tribe could be considered family, Edolkar lived with his mother and two brothers. The elder male after his father passed away, Edolkar has been the main caretaker of the family, and would be the first to wed. Furthermore, his new “family” consists of a lord and lady and their young daughter who had moved to an estate on the outskirts of the human town expanding into Edolkar’s tribe’s land for a change of pace.


WISDOM12 (+1)
Stats as of 3rd level.

Notable Skills

At 3rd level, Edolkar has proficiency with Animal Handling, Athletics, Intimidation, Nature, Perception and Survival.