Pulsatrix (Trix)

Name: Pulsatrix Lightfoot (Trix for short!)

Species: Owlin

Class: Rogue

Greatest Strength: Trix’s greatest strength is her stealth and dexterity. These skills have naturally been honed by living with- and getting around a family of sleepy owls that like to maintain strictly quiet libraries/studies. Many feathers have been ruffled by Trix’s sudden appearance/unnoticed presence.

Greatest Flaw: Trix is an open book, and not very deceptive for a rogue. When confronted, she has difficultly talking her way out of situations.

Family: Trix’s father is Lance Lightfoot, a hard-working messenger owlin who loves to tell his daughter all about the weird and wonderful people he meets and the remarkable places he sees. Trix is close with her father and inherited his adventurous spirit.

Trix’s mother is Lucille Lightfoot (m. Wingsmark), a Silverquill graduate who is calm, well-spoken and has nurtured Trix’s academic upbringing. She is a loving and doting mother, but is apprehensive about her daughter’s desire to become a ruin shaman.

Lucille’s father and Trix’s grandfather is Aegolius Tyto Wingsmark (otherwise known as Wise Owl). He is a Quandrix honor’s graduate and a powerful mage who is the head of [insert name of tree or society name here] and is responsible for preparing prospective students of Strixhaven. Wise Owl Aegolius gives grand and long-winded lectures, often putting his academic peers to sleep.


WISDOM10 (+0)
Stats as of 3rd level.

Notable Skills

At 3rd level, Trix has proficiency with Acrobatics, Arcana, History, Investigation, Perception, Religion, Sleight of Hand and Stealth.