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Campus Map

Six campuses make up the demiplane of Strixhaven. The Central Campus is located in the middle, where first year students complete their studies. Surrounding it are the five campuses of the other colleges.
The central campus resides in the middle of Strixhaven, with the five specialised colleges each hosting their own campus towards the far reaches of the demiplane. This is modified, unofficial content which contains images sourced from the Strixhaven Sourcebook, copyright Wizards of the Coast. Many students start their journey as first years entirely on the Central Campus.


We use a Virtual Tabletop (VTT) system for most of our games, so for combat we find ourselves using pre-made or custom battlemaps. Provided below are a few that have been made by Ben over the years for specific scenarios or encounters. All are provided in 70 PPI. Click the images to load a full-size copy of the image for download.

The interior of the “Arithmodrome”, which contains a void-space of plant-growth and twisting vines. Great for private meetings.

A ruined temple. Filled with a great hall, prayer rooms, library and sleeping quarters, a short walk up leads to a number of pillars and a sacrifical altar.