Students of Strixhaven EP 8 – Keeping Busy

As the trimester continues, the party consider how their classes have gone through homework checks (needing to meet a difficulty check of 12)

  • Introduction to Archaeomancy – Trix: 13, Arth, 13
  • Beginning Inkomancy – Khorvus: 14
  • Arcano-botancy for Beginners – Edolkar: 17
  • History of Magic and Art – Darius: 5

Everyone discusses what their characters get up to in-between classes, with Michelle starting first for Trix. Trix eagerly pursues a job at the Biblioplex to help gain some extra funds. Trix walks up to a main information kiosk at the Biblioplex. An exhausted-looking Eladrin named Elandra greets her. When asked, she confirms they could take on another book clerk, passing her some paperwork to fill out, which she finishes and begins to work.

Meanwhile, Khorvus looks to join the Live-action Roleplaying (LARPing) guild, and finds a group playing an activity in a large field on the central campus. He wanders up to a mock battle taking place, and enquires with an “injured” player on what is happening. The player discusses what LARPing is, and indicates that they simulate epic battles with rare and typically unseen creatures throughout the multiverse. The player points Khorvus to the professor who runs the club, who currently has the appearance of a large ogre. As Khorvus asks to sign up, the creature changes shape back to a small feminine humanoid of pale appearance. The professor introduces themselves as Rixy, a changeling who takes great fun with taking shapes of evil creatures for the events, and welcomes Khorvus to join in on the fun.

Edolkar continues deep study of the foundations of magic in an attempt to learn how to help his Minotaur clan. Arth seeks a talented blacksmith on campus, wanting to get a new rapier made with the same engraving on his longsword. The engraving was from his mother to his father, and notes the blade as being called Distant Journey. He hears rumours that professor Osgir of the Lorehold campus might have the skills to help. Arth finds time to speak with the professor, who accepts the challenge, asking to hold onto the longsword for a few days. Later on, Arth also goes to the Biblioplex seeking a job. He is directed to the student store, where Groff Lundquist, who the party meant when starting the orientation challenge, is thankful to have someone help with cataloguing, archiving and storage duties in the student store. He goes through a list of duties, and explains that some items are restricted, and can only be sold to advanced-year students or faculty, and purchases must be recorded.

Later in the trimester, we follow the party as they are preparing for end of term exams. All the characters have an exam for the mandatory course, Magical Physiologies, as well as their electives. Similar to the earlier homework checks, these have a difficulty check. Prior to the exam, the characters can “study”, which entitles them to a re-roll on the exam roll. The reward for passing an exam is a “student die”, which is a D4 which can be rolled if connected to the skill that was used for the difficulty check. The party run a study session, reviewing Trix’s sketching from their previous experience with an Otyugh, and compare notes on what they studied previously. This grants them two re-rolls for the Magical Physiologies exam.

On the day of the exam, the party go back to their classroom in the Biblioplex. Edolkar speaks briefly with his friend, a Loxodon named Rampart. The professor, Veralda Lang, indicates the exam comprises two components: Multiple-choice and essay. Each of which requires a difficulty check which the party must meet or beat.

For multiple-choice, everyone rolls a DC 13 Investigation check:

  • Arth rolls a 4. On a re-roll he gets a NAT 20
  • Darius rolls a 6. On a re-roll, he gets a 14.
  • Edolkar rolls a 15.
  • Khorvus rolls a 2. On a re-roll, he gets a 7. He uses another re-roll and gets a 12.
  • Trix rolls a NAT 20.

They then move onto the next component, which is the essay, requiring a DC 13 Persuasion check:

  • Arth rolls an 11. On a re-roll, he gets a 7.
  • Darius rolls a 10. On a re-roll he gets a 6.
  • Edolkar rolls a 5. On a re-roll, he gets a 19.
  • Khorvus rolls a 12.
  • Trix rolls a 0 (with modifiers). On a re-roll, she gets a another 0. With her final re-roll she gets an 18.

The characters then move to completing their end of term exams for their elective classes. Similar to before, they run a study session to gain a re-roll, and gain another one from having completed their goals when visiting Candlekeep, for a total of three rolls they can make.

Starting with Arth and Trix, they arrive at the Lorehold campus for their Introduction to Archaeomancy exam, needing to make a DC 13 History check on an exam regarding Order vs Chaos:

  • Arth rolls a 17.
  • Trix rolls a dirty 20.

Khorvus arrives at the Silverquill campus for his Beginning Inkomancy exam, entering into a large lecture hall where students must present their arguments to the rest of their class. Khorvus must make a DC 13 Persuasion check, and makes use of his notes from studying at Candlekeep.

  • Khorvus rolls a total of 22.

Edolkar travels to the Witherbloom campus for Arcano-botancy for Beginners. The exam takes the form of a practical, needing to present magical growth. Edolkar prepares his workstation and attempts to showcase what he has learned.

  • Edolkar rolls a 10. He re-rolls, rolling a 4. He re-rolls again, getting a 3. On his final attempt, he gets a 13!

Finally, Darius rolls for his course, which will be kept private for now…