Star Snakes

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Star Snakes was a Traveller campaign run by the players of Tales from Trantor between 2017 and 2020. It was run from an originally in-person adventure, to online, through a variety of real-life events including new relationships, moving houses and people moving interstate. We wanted to continue providing this series on the website for historical purposes, and believe in keeping the original episodes online may bring enjoyment to someone out on the Internet.

Please do note that this original series has less than ideal audio recordings, and is almost entirely unedited and “raw”. If you want to listen to the most recent Tales from Trantor series that features edited down episodes with music, ambience and sound effects, check out our other series instead.

The Ship

Learn more about the ship High N Dry, which is used by the crew throughout their adventures in the Traveller universe.

The Crew

Find out details about the crew of the High N Dry, the players of the Star Snakes podcast.


Access the recordings and episode recaps of the Traveller RPG adventure featuring the Star Snakes. Currently, the episodes are hosted on