The Archives

Before becoming a published podcast, the players of Tales from Trantor have played a number of different tabletop role playing games. Provided here is access to the “Archives” of what we were playing before we launched our formal podcast publication. You can read some character stats and details, and read episode summaries from what occurred in the stories.

Star Snakes (Traveller)

A Traveller campaign run between 2017 and 2020 (intermittently)! What started as an in-person adventure persisted through to the virtual era. The audio recorded for this series is raw, meaning it is either taken directly from the gaming table or online recording. If you want a nicer listening experience, listen to the Brace the Badlands campaign.

Avocadians (SWN Revised)

Three sessions run in 2019 using the Stars Without Number (Revised Edition) rule set. These sessions were not recorded, but the post-game session description has been provided for historical purposes.