EP 10 – A Bridge Too Far

The crew wake up after their late night interrogation and re-group in the University’s cafeteria building. VC gets up to speed on what the crew performed last night, primarily kidnapping the Oildale ganger, and he questions whether they can get more information about the Oildale gangers from their confiscated agent. They meet up with Richard Thwatt who hands over the agent. VC is able to use some spare tools to break a physical encryption chip on the device, logging into the agent and identifying a half-dozen names of what looks to be associated gangers.

The Bridge Roadblock

The crew consider whether they should attempt to negotiate with the Oildale gangers again, operating under the alias of a Nomad clan seeking a source of diesel fuel, but elect to attack the bridge they had scouted earlier to cause some damage. As they arrive at the bridge, Fennec and Rama divert northbound around a train line to shoot at the gangers from the north, planning to force them to retreat toward the rest of the party who will prepare to attack. Fennec lines up a shot, which misses, but causes the gangers to flee. Rama lands a critical injury attack against a ganger standing on the bridge, who collapses on the ground. The fighting continues with Rez and VC providing additional support, ending with them clearing out the remaining threats on the bridge.

The crew assess the belongings of the dead gangers, with Rez harvesting a collection of cyberware from the bodies. Fennec inspects one of the vehicles, and Rama locates and takes a crossbow. Later, Fennec and VC work on disabling the diesel-based vehicles the gangers had parked. They decide to clear out the bodies by throwing them into the Kern River, which the bridge serves as a crossing for.

With a clear path to get into Oildale, they decide to do some initial scouting on the Oildale region. From a suitable vantage point, they spot a refinery in operation, with a number of guards patrolling the area and smoke sputtering out. They sneak back to the University with a plan to come back and finish off the gangers for good at a later time…