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EP 17 – Out of the Frying Pan

The crew spend about 15 minutes in the hired taxi before arriving in a part of Koreatown, in downtown L.A. The driver asks for his fare, with Rez paying him. As everyone looks around, they find a popular, lit-up with neon diner called “Antons” and enter. Towards the back of the diner, they spot Evan Briggs, sitting in a booth, and approach him. After a brief catch-up on what they’ve accomplished, he offers them a ride back into Bakersfield as he had just finished up work in the greater L.A. District. They agree to grab some food and order some items from the menu, which is served to the table.

As they leave, Evan notes that the hourly databurst usually sending data from Bakersfield has been quiet for about 12 hours, with the crew being too preoccupied to notice until now. They head into Evan’s groundcar and begin the 4-hour journey northward on the I-5. As they get into a closer proximity to Bakersfield, the crew’s agents eventually re-connect to the local CitiNET and phones begin lighting up. While Evan is driving, everyone begins searching through the CitiNET feeds to find out what is happening. The data is sparse, with them being unable to identify anything specific.

A short time later, they arrive at the University and can see large plumes of smoke coming from the north-facing side. He encourages the crew to check in while he parks the car, and they assess the damage. They confirm the University campus is under attack, and spot an old military tank on the other side of a river bed, which is occasionally launching a shot towards the campus. The security team has created firepits and are using smokebombs to maintain a form of smoke screen while they try to determine a plan. Kave chimes in to inform them their long distance links (LDLs) are offline too, meaning they can’t make any outside communication beyond the local CitiNET. The LDLs are a series of re-purposed cell/mobile phone towers configured on-top of an old corporate building.

The crew assess damage to the north-facing side of the University

The crew decide to focus on the LDL problem first, and Gunhead confirms where they need to go having setup part of the infrastructure with Kave earlier, and travel in Fennec’s groundcar. They arrive to find two security guards laying outside, one in bad condition. Rez speaks with them, and performs emergency triage using her paramedic skill to stabilise the injured man. The security guards confirm two more of them are still fighting inside, but are unable to push in further against a group of gangers who are holed up inside.

Inside, the crew see a long-spanning lobby with a number of pillars setup in two rows. The two remaining security guards are behind pillars closest to the door, with an unknown number of gangers sitting behind cover further into the corporate lobby. While Rez, Rama and Fennec try to assess the physical situation, Gunhead scans for a usable CitiNET. Luckily, he is able to find an older corporate network that operates in a half-half state, with a minor part of the newer network operating and usable by his newer-age cyberdeck. Inside, Gunhead identifies a few floors of the architecture, but can’t make it beyond a password lower down.

Meanwhile, Rama switches to using his bullet-proof shield and moves forward into the lobby, with Rez also equipping her shield. Both of them prepare to launch a round of suppressive fire, giving Fennec the opportunity to run back outside and start up his groundcar. He lines up the car and drives in through the main doors, swerving to avoid the remains of corporate lounges and chairs still laying in the lobby. Burning rubber, he makes an improvised smoke-screen as the car eventually stops further into the lobby.

Fennec’s car, “neatly” parked in the middle of the lobby

EP 16 – The Wild Bunch

While they wait to meet at the Pacific Private Rail train station, Rama sends an outbound message via his agent, providing a tip off to the Night City Police Department (NCPD) regarding what looks to have been pocket nukes that they found in the weapons bunker. Hours later, they travel a freight yard and meet with Connor Stewart again. Connor introduces the crew to the train engineer and operator, and the enter onto the train. Once inside, they begin to look around. Fennec inspects the cargo, finding towards the rear what looks to be the artillery cannons they are transporting. Gunhead gains authorised contractor-level access to the train’s localNET and scouts the entire architecture:

1A: Password
2A: File (Shipping Manifest)
3A: Black Ice (Raven)
4A: Control Node (Armed Flying Observation Drone)5B: Password
–>6B: Control Node (Fire Suppression Systems)
–>7B: Black Ice (2 x Hell Hounds)
–>8B: Control Node (Engineering Control Systems)

Gunhead looks at the shipping manifest, and confirms that the artillery cannons have been loaded, as well as finding an assortment of other firearms and ammunition destined for other customers in Los Angeles. He leaves a copy of his own Black Ice to run as an alert proxy, designed to notify him if someone were to connect to the network.

Gangers approaching the train

The train departs and leaves the outskirts of Las Vegas towards Southern California. A short time later Rez and Rama begin to scout out from the sides of the train to keep an eye out for banditry. Rez scouts trucks approaching from a side road running parallel to the train tracks and warns the crew. Gunhead launches the drone, which shoots out from the side of the train. Fennec notifies the train driver, who securely locks the compartment after he leaves.

Using his AR goggles, Gunhead is able to see from the drone’s point-of-view and sees the trucks are closing the distance. In one of the trucks, he spots the back door open and a hacker-looking character, wearing AR goggles themselves, looks to be trying to get close enough to hack in. He activates the drone’s self-defence pistol, and lands a shot against the hacker.

Entering initiative, Gunhead kicks off, and shoots at the vehicle itself in an attempt to stop them. The pistol shots hit the truck, dealing some damage. Fennec exits onto a side railing on the train car and shoots with his heavy pistol, causing one of the trucks to swerve to dodge the barrage. Rama shoots from his assault rifle, but misses as the trucks continue swerving. Some of the gangers climb to the roof of their trucks, with one of them taking a shot with an SMG gun. Fennec gets hit, but his armour is able to absorb the blow. Another ganger moves forward to jump, but fails spectacularly, and falls to the ground, disappearing to the ground below. Rez tries to use the train carriage doors as cover, and shoots with her assault rifle towards the gangers, dealing damage to one of the other trucks.

The Ganger NETrunner attempts to connect, but it frizzles out due to their distance to their train. Another ganger, standing on the truck on the train’s right side, lands a critical attack with their SMG. Rama’s armour is able to absorb the blow (just), but the attack comes at a surprise. Still controlling the drone, Gunhead misses a shot against a truck on the train’s left side. Fennec takes two shots with his pistol, and disables the vehicle the NETrunner was hiding in, and he watches it fade into the distance. Rama takes an overconfident shot, missing an attack as the train navigates around a bend.

Another ganger appears and leaps onto the train, almost falling at the last moment and collapsing to the floor of the outer train rail. Rez takes advantage of the ganger’s compromised position, shooting with her shotgun, and deals a significant amount of damage. A second ganger tries to jump across, but suffers a critical failure and falls, being crunched by the train. A last, more powerful ganger approaches and manages a graceful manoeuvre, jumping and flipping onto the train. The ganger quickly launches into a lunge, attacking Rama with a combat knife. Rama side-steps the first attack, but doesn’t react quickly enough against the second hit, which deals no significant damage against his robust armour. Gunhead disconnects from the train localNET, and moves to help Rama against the ganger. Fennec switches to his sword and pushes through Gunhead and Rama, attempting to attack the ganger who made it onto the train. His first lunge lands, but the ganger is able to block against the second blow. Rama throws his weapon to the ground and switches to his fists, making a brawling check and landing a solid punch.

Rez aims a shotgun blast towards the other remaining ganger, but misses, firing the blast towards the trailing truck. In a panic, the driver brakes and disappears into the distance. Meanwhile, Rama’s armour absorbs another hit from the powerful ganger, who then prepares to jump back onto the truck. Noticing the ganger in a vulnerable position, Gunhead makes a successful attack with his pistol, landing another shot. With this ganger being dealt with by Rama and Gunhead, Fennec disengages and runs to the other side of the train car to check on Rez. With the ganger having run away from Rama, he reaches for his pistol making two shots (one of them dealing critical damage!), he deals significant damage against the ganger who dismembers their own hand in the process. Wanting to continue the fight, Rama tries to jump across to the truck, but slips, almost falling down. Gunhead swoops in at the last moment and grabs his hand, saving him from an otherwise gruesome death.

The ganger in combat with Rez receives a second wind, and stands up to fight against Rez. They move forward and shoot with their SMG at Rez. In their injured state, they critically fail and shoot against the train door instead. Rez reacts with a grapple check, but they dodge out of the way at the last moment. The powerful ganger, who has now made their way on top of the truck, bangs on the roof and it begins to brake. The ganger lands a final shot with their SMG against Rama. Gunhead swoops around to the other side of the train and engages into combat with the ganger fighting against Rez. They land a final shot, causing the ganger to stagger back. The ganger collapses, falling over the train railing and disappears.

With combat over, the engineer informs them they are closing the distance to their destination, and the rest of their journey is quiet. The train arrives a short time later in a trainyard in San Bernadino, and they speak with the engineer who informs them to speak with the weapons buyers who should be waiting outside for them. They meet with the buyers who begin to approach the train, and the crew send off a message to Connor to let them know the job is done. Rama checks his agent, receiving confirmation from the police department they are now keeping an keen eye on shipments coming from Nevada. Around the same time, the crew’s phones light up for a real-time call, meaning it’s someone on the same CitiNET. Rez takes the call, and discovers the caller is Evan Briggs, the representative who met them at Stateline to help with the Bakersfield reclamation works. He asks why they are in town, and Rez briefly explains. He asks if they’d like to catch up, and they agree to meet with him at a café more toward downtown L.A. They grab a taxi which begins to drive them further into the city centre.

EP 15 – What Happens In Vegas

The crew head into the hired car service and debate on what to do with some downtime before they have to meet with Connor Stewart. They agree to head into the main “strip” of Las Vegas and arrive a short time later. Gunhead finds out that Mickey owes money to the Killmore Casino and wants to try his luck, so the rest of the crew agree to travel. They leave Mickey in the strip, as he thinks he wouldn’t be welcomed back given that he is on bad terms with them right now.

They walk up the street into the casino and are welcomed by a greeter. Fennec checks in his sword, while Rez checks in her coat. They head to the bar and finish a round, then go up to a blackjack table. They play a number of rounds, with none of the crew making any profit. After they finish up, Fennec approaches Donovan, the man who accosted Mickey at the airport. He finds out from Donovan that Mickey owes the casino 50,000 eurobucks, and that they took the aircraft as collateral until he can pay them back.

The crew at a Blackjack table

The crew leave, cashing out the remainder of their chips, and head back to where they left Mickey and grab some food (sushi). They eventually find Mickey leaving a bar, and agree to rest at a motel on the outskirts of town before they head to where they were meeting with Connor. The motel is quite cheap, which seems to further indicate Mickey’s financial condition. They double-bunk in two rooms, with Gunhead pulling out the child’s bed. In the morning Rama purchases some pre-pak food (not trusting the motel’s continental breakfast) and they hit the road to a part of town in outer Vegas known as “The Sticks”.

Arriving at the address, they find a trailer park and find Connor Stewart, out of armour, sitting in a couch outside a large RV. He invites them inside, and into a false floor leading into a small bunker installed underneath the vehicle. Throughout the bunker is an assortment of weapons, ammunition and heavy ordinance. Connor explains that while it isn’t illegal to own and distribute this equipment within Nevada, he likes to maintain a low-profile to avoid other trouble that might come up. He directs them to a holo-display, showcasing a private commercial train line that runs mostly parallel to a set of major highways between Las Vegas, Nevada to the L.A. District in Southern California. Rama and Fennec recall hearing about these, but know they are often prone to being attacked by outlaws and bandits along the miles of land bordering the train line. Connor indicates he greased a few palms to get a weapons shipment – specifically the Artillery Cannons – into a train yard on the outskirts of L.A, but wants the crew to scare off any potential attackers. They agree to meet at the private train station in the afternoon to provide security for the shipment.

In Connor’s Munitions Bunker

EP 14 – Market Day

Having not heard from Gunhead in some time, the rest of the crew visit the Computer Science lab to speak with him. They encounter Gunhead arguing with Kave about single sign-on protocols, but eventually Kave encourages Gunhead to talk more about his work building out the foundations of the citiNET for Bakersfield. Gunhead starts to go into detail regarding the features, such as online forums, message boards and online stores. Finally, he unveils his pièce de résistance, an output of telemetry from all citiNET users in Bakersfield. He says this data could help uncover threats to the city, such as encroaching gangers or other dangerous individuals.

The Market alive with activity

Fennec receives a ping on his agent from Mickey, a close friend within the Aegis Nomad clan. Mickey informs him that they are bringing in some supplies to help setup a market in downtown Bakersfield. He encourages the crew to come along if they want to buy supplies. The crew head into downtown a short time later, they arrive into a small, but bustling, city market with a number of different stalls set up. Rez approaches Lenny D, a ramen vendor who they spoke with shortly before investigating the Arcade Parlour a few days prior. Gunhead tries to convince him they had a bet going, but fails to convince him. The crew buy some fresh bowls and begin to wander through the market.

They find Mickey speaking with a heavily armed man in the back-end of the market, and Fennec approaches When asked about a weapons merchant, Mickey introduces them to Connor Stewart, who is hesitant to provide access to his services until Mickey makes good on a promise. Mickey encourages Connor to grab some food while he speaks with the crew. Out of earshot, Mickey informs the crew that Connor is a weapons dealer based out of Nevada, and is looking for assistance with smuggling “less-than-legal” weapons across the border from Nevada into Southern California. Rama prods for more information and finds out Connor is intending to smuggle in artillery. The crew agree to help Mickey and Connor, and Connor them provides them access to a small collection of weapons he was able to bring with him, located in the trunk of his car. Rez purchases an assault rifle, along with a few magazines, while Rama picks up some additional flash bang grenades. A short time later, Connor packs up his equipment and leaves, leaving the crew to inspect the rest of the market. They spend some time purchasing equipment from the other vendors, with the crew picking up a wide variety of new equipment.

Inyokern Airbase – Controlled by the Aegis Nomad Group

They finish up in the markets and speak with Mickey again, agreeing to travel with him and the rest of the Aegis Nomads as they travel back to the Inyokern base of operations, located east of Bakersfield. Driving overnight, they arrive at the fortified airbase in the early hours of the morning. Fennec spends some time catching up with a few Nomad-family members, and they get clearance to borrow a jet airliner to take into Las Vegas, Nevada. They pack some snacks and hit the tarmac, taking off for a short flight across the border. Fennec gets clearance from Nevada air traffic control, and takes the jet down at Enterprise Airport, a regional hub on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Arriving into the arrivals terminal, they find a collection of large, armed men, sitting and appearing to wait for Mickey. Mickey asks the crew to wait to the side for him for a few minutes. While they wait, they try to identify the men. Fennec asks an air stewardess at a reception terminal, who believes they are representatives of a casino in town. After the men leave, Mickey indicates he has had to hand over the keys to the jetliner to the men, but declines to go into further detail about the discussion. He organises for a ground car to take them into Las Vegas.

The men waiting in the Arrivals terminal at Enterprise Airport

EP 13 – Deal or No Deal

The crew find Oliver Krans in the University and speak with him about his requirements to schedule a recurring nomad resupply deal. Oliver informs them he used to be part of a nomad group currently based outside the L.A. District, but enquires from Fennec about his nomad family. Fennec mentions he has close ties with his Aegis nomad clan, who could assist with resupplying Bakersfield, and agrees to speak with his family to get some idea on pricing to resupply the town. Later, Fennec hears back from his clan who are sending over Mickey and Boxer. Oliver contacts his nomad colleagues and they agree to meet at the University to discuss a deal.

Rez visits Daniel Simmons in the Medical Training Lab at the University, and offers to help him set up the equipment they delivered earlier. As they finish up, Rez also uses her MEDTECH ability to produce speedheals, which she saves for future use. Later on, a man with a missing hand walks in to the medical lab. He introduces himself as Gavin McGuire and explains he lost his hand in a recent fight, but has heard over the local CitiNET that the University was hosting a med bay and wanted to see if he could get a new hand. Rez checks with Daniel, who hands over a vacuum-sealed cyberhand that she can use for the installation. To help establish some goodwill with the community, Rez offers to install the hand for free. Rez and Daniel take Gavin to a spare medical room, and she attempts a SURGERY skill check (and uses some of her LUCK stat, too). After a few hours, Rez finishes her work and installs the cyber-hand into Gavin’s meat arm. She works with him to calibrate it, and she sends a photo of her work to her brother Ricky. Gavin eventually departs, thanking Rez and the crew for their assistance.

Meanwhile, Rama uses some spare tools from the mechatronic lab to repair his and Rez’s armorjack body armour, which had been damaged in an earlier firefight. Fennec searches through the University’s old inventory and finds a lot of older sheet metal, which he fashions into an armour chassis for Rama’s motorcycle (he also paints some nice flames on the side).

The next day, both Fennec’s nomad clan The Aegis, and Oliver Krans’ former nomad clan family, El Coyote Viajero, agree to meet at a designated meeting place, an old lecture hall on the corner of the University grounds. At midday, they all meet in the car park. Fennec’s nomad clan family, Mickey and Boxer meet him. Mickey surprises Fennec with his original nomad car, freshly refurbished. Oliver introduces the crew to Silivio and Isabel Mendez, of the El Coyote Viajero nomad clan, originating from Mexico. As they walk to the lecture hall, Rama briefly speaks with Fennec about his nomadic origins with The Orcas.

The Aegis and El Coyote Viajero clans meeting in a car park at the University

As everyone enters the lecture hall, Oliver walks to the podium and welcomes everyone for coming. He explains their motivation is to organise a suitable trade deal, with recurring shipments of food, medical supplies, and weaponry and ammunition to restore Bakersfield to a functional city again. Mickey asks Fennec to negotiate on the Aegis behalf, as he is more familiar with the city’s future needs. While Oliver prepares some details, Rama goes into further details about The Orcas. During the 4th Corporate War, large areas around Singapore were destroyed or rendered inhospitable. The Orcas used their naval fleet to ferry across refugees to cities along the west coast of the United States, including Night City. Nowadays, the clan operates out of an abandoned oil refinery just off the shore line.

Everyone in the Lecture Hall

After a few minutes, Oliver speaks again and breaks down the estimated needs for the city, such as food for a few thousand people, medical supplies, technical components and weaponry and ammunition. He says based on his estimate this should cost approximately 29,000 eurobucks, per month, but understands every nomad clan has to factor in a variety of factors. He opens the floor and Silvio starts off the discussion and indicates they could provide the delivery costs for 40,000 EB/month. Fennec leads a rebuttal, stating the work the crew have performed to clean up the town will reduce the overheads a nomad clan might need to put in place. Silivio discusses with his nomad counterparts and comes back to the discussion saying they could go down to 35,000 EB/month. Fennec asks Mickey if there is anything more they can do to try and secure the deal, and Mickey says he has a promising lead for discounted weaponry, which would help their margins, but the deal isn’t firmly locked in yet, and he would need the crew’s help. He agrees, and they quote Oliver a lower price, which Silivio is unable to beat. Oliver awards the trade contract to the Aegis nomad clan for 33,500 EB/month, and sends details to Mickey and Boxer to organise the first shipment into town. They finish up the meeting, and Silvio and Isabel leave, heading back to the L.A. district. Fennec asks Mickey to send him more details on this favour he now owes him…

EP 12 – The Art of the Steal

As the crew return from their earlier expedition to the library in the Country Club, they debate on what to do next. Rez accesses a computer terminal, and confirms the library they scouted earlier is open to guests 24/7, so they decide to wait until late at night before going back to check out the wall-safe. They navigate to the dining hall, spending a short time there before moving on. As the crew enter back in, they notice a man sleeping away on a couch just near the door. Rama approaches the desk he saw Aaron Mitchell was working at earlier. He finds a secret lever in the back drawer of the desk and pulls it. On the far wall, they notice a painting cracks open slightly. As they open the false-wall, they find a large mechanical safe.

The crew attempting to leave, after stealing the drugs from the safe

Unable to crack it, they navigate back to the desk, and Rez decides to physically hack into the computer terminal placed on the desk. Logged in, she runs a system-wide scan and finds a file that looks to be the safe combination. They walk back to the safe, and the sleeping man begins to wake up. Rez rolls a persuasion check, and pushes the man back into the couch. Moments later, the man begins snoring again and Rez approaches the safe. As it opens, they find the assortment of drugs they had hoped to find, including an abundance of Blue Glass & Synthcoke. As Rez packs the drugs away, she also finds an encrypted data shard, which she pockets.

Fennec notices a group approaching down the hallway toward the Library. The crew converse on how to act casual as they enter, but to their luck find that these people are friends of the sleeping man, who collect him and return to their rooms. The crew exit and prepare to leave the estate. As they enter up to the entrance, they speak with two guards stationed at the door. Rama attempts to persuade the guards that he needs to leave on urgent business, but the guard insists they remain for their safety. Rama pushes further, and the guards eventually permit them to leave.

They leave and travel back to the Medical Clinic currently occupied by the Endolphin gang. They speak with Versa, who is surprised they came back. Rez hands over the supply, and Versa welcomes them to take what they need from the remains of the clinic. The crew dig through several rooms and eventually find the components they are looking for, along with a small assortment of other supplies they take as payment for their hard work. As they arrive back at Bakersfield University, they crash in their provided rooms within the old student housing complex and sleep off the day’s events.

Daniel Simmons in the Medical Lab

The next day, they return to the medical lab and meet up with Daniel Simmons. He thanks them for their hard work, and begins working away to set up a viable medical lab for future use. The crew decide to grab a quick breakfast, then head into the Computer Science lab to speak with Kave about the encrypted data shard. Kave works with Gunhead to crack it, and they review its contents: An audio recording and a text file.

As they listen to the audio recording, they determine this was taken from a planned meeting between the owners of the Country Club estate (Lavish Entertainment) and an undisclosed individual representing the Oildale gangers. The corporation has agreed to make periodic payments to the gangers to instil a state of unrest, to keep their clientele happy with a ‘wasteland experience’. The file on the data shard appears to be initial plans to demolish and rebuild an old abandoned shopping mall located in Bakersfield, with requests for tender sent out to several large construction agencies.

EP 11 – Exclusive Access

Out of game, the players discuss options for upgrading their character stats through the use of Improvement Points (IP). Ze (Rama) invests points in Drive Land Vehicle (to help with operating his “new” motorbike) and Luke (Fennec) invests in Lip Reading. Michelle (Rez) and Jackson (Gunhead) decide to save their IP to improve their role abilities at a later point in time.

In-game, the crew agree to seek out the items requested by Dan Simmons, who is trying to set up a medical facility in town to cater to the local populace. Specifically, Dan needs three items of value which he believes may be available in an old med building somewhere in town:

  • Andermaectomatic (Skin Remover)
  • Subcytogram (Cellular regeneration Device)
  • Cryodesis Gun (Cryo-induction Gun)
The Medical Clinic

Simmons had previously pointed them to an old medical clinic close to downtown, which they agree to investigate. They travel through downtown Bakersfield and find an assortment of junkies intermixed with ganger members, who don’t appear overly hostile towards the crew. Rez approaches, speaking with a guard watching out front, and heads inside. They find a somewhat functional set-up, lined with juiced-up junkies craving a fix from a woman behind a secured desk. The crew converse with the woman, finding out the people who run the building are members of the Endolphin gang, who set themselves up in the building. The ganger indicates that due to a drug shipment having gone missing, they are in need of a resupply, and the crew agree to investigate a country club in town to source a collection of drugs, in exchange for the equipment they are looking for.

They travel to Eastern Bakersfield and park outside a large estate with a security fence wrapping the outside perimeter and debate on how to proceed. Making a successful local expert check, Gunhead recalls hearing about these sorts of “setups”, typically involving rich corporate types wanting to experience the ‘thrill’ of the badlands while still enjoying comfort. He considers connecting into their local NET, but thinks he would have to get closer to the main building first. Gunhead jumps the security fence, landing into an interior of a courtyard. Failing several stealth checks, he is noticed by some security guards monitoring the perimeter, who begin to move forward to inspect. In a panic, Gunhead jumps into a well-kept hedge to hide.

Gunhead hiding in a bush

Meanwhile, Rama decides to call in some backup from the private security stationed at the University, who begin to drive across town to meet the crew. Gunhead picks up a faint trace of a NET signal, and attempts to hack into a nearby water pump system in the country club grounds. Bypassing some simple security, Gunhead accesses a lower-level of the system’s NET architecture, and disables a nearby pump to get a guard’s attention. He tries to time his hack to spurt high-pressure water at the guard, but fails. With somewhat access to the NET, Gunhead is able to Eye-Dee a file in the NET detailing the club’s upcoming clientele listing, and searches out reservations in the next day or so. He finds an appointment with a police officer due to arrive tomorrow, named Aiden Reyes. In consultation with the rest of the team, he uses write-access on the file to update the name to Zacharus Rama.

With an “appointment”, Rama contacts the Country Club via an outside speaker box. Rama indicates he arrived a day earlier than expected, and the staff open the gate, welcoming them in. Meanwhile, Rez waits for the called-on backup, who arrive a short time later. The crew, including the backup, walk through the front Country Club garden, and enter inside. During their approach, Gunhead sneaks out of the bush and walks in with everyone else. They arrive into a lavish, well-kept building and are greeted by a receptionist who explains the available amenities. Rama is up-front about wanting drugs, but fails his check, and the receptionist encourages him to get acquainted with his accommodation first. In their room, Gunhead slips back into the NET, defeats a Black ICE program, and checks the internal camera systems. They find in what appears to be a library, a man opening a safe, hidden behind a false-wall.

Aaron Mitchell – Working away at the back of the Country Club library

The crew leaves the accommodation, heading towards the library. They enter and find a well-dressed man working away at a desk towards the back of the room, amongst other guests of the Country Club. Rama approaches and sparks up a conversation. The man identifies himself as Aaron Mitchell, the director of the corporation that manages the estate. Rama prods for information regarding the setup, but is unable to get much information out of him. While Rama speaks with the man, the rest of the crew eye out where they think the wall-safe is, behind a Jellyfish painting on a side wall. They exit the library and debate on what to do next.

EP 10 – A Bridge Too Far

The crew wake up after their late night interrogation and re-group in the University’s cafeteria building. VC gets up to speed on what the crew performed last night, primarily kidnapping the Oildale ganger, and he questions whether they can get more information about the Oildale gangers from their confiscated agent. They meet up with Richard Thwatt who hands over the agent. VC is able to use some spare tools to break a physical encryption chip on the device, logging into the agent and identifying a half-dozen names of what looks to be associated gangers.

The Bridge Roadblock

The crew consider whether they should attempt to negotiate with the Oildale gangers again, operating under the alias of a Nomad clan seeking a source of diesel fuel, but elect to attack the bridge they had scouted earlier to cause some damage. As they arrive at the bridge, Fennec and Rama divert northbound around a train line to shoot at the gangers from the north, planning to force them to retreat toward the rest of the party who will prepare to attack. Fennec lines up a shot, which misses, but causes the gangers to flee. Rama lands a critical injury attack against a ganger standing on the bridge, who collapses on the ground. The fighting continues with Rez and VC providing additional support, ending with them clearing out the remaining threats on the bridge.

The crew assess the belongings of the dead gangers, with Rez harvesting a collection of cyberware from the bodies. Fennec inspects one of the vehicles, and Rama locates and takes a crossbow. Later, Fennec and VC work on disabling the diesel-based vehicles the gangers had parked. They decide to clear out the bodies by throwing them into the Kern River, which the bridge serves as a crossing for.

With a clear path to get into Oildale, they decide to do some initial scouting on the Oildale region. From a suitable vantage point, they spot a refinery in operation, with a number of guards patrolling the area and smoke sputtering out. They sneak back to the University with a plan to come back and finish off the gangers for good at a later time…

EP 9 – Splinter Cell

After a few days rest, the crew regroup to decide on the next job to do. Gunhead continues working away with Kave on the Bakersfield CitiNET, while VC is working on optimising the power systems with Son Ji Won. Rama, Rez and Fennec agree to start investigating the Oildale gangers to gather more information on their intentions. They decide a stealthier approach might be a better idea, and drive to scout a nearby bridge that is expected to have gangers posted on it.

They park a short distance away and approach on foot to get a closer look. Through some checks they are able to identify a long bridge spanning the Kern river, with a few gangers set up on top with cars and barriers blocking the road. A small building lies off to the side, which they figure must have been a rest area, and they can hear a TV blaring inside. Rama wants to continue scouting further, but they agree to wait until nightfall to approach the building any further. They spend some downtime in Fennec’s car to wait for dark.

The rest building

A few hours later, they exit Fennec’s car and sneak back towards the building they saw earlier. Rama approaches a window and peaks inside, spotting a woman napping on a couch in the room, with the TV they heard still blaring in the background. They decide on a plan to break in and subdue the sleeping ganger, in an attempt to gather information on the Oildale ganger group. Inside, Rez stands by the TV and prepares to turn it up loud, while Rama and Fennec prepare to restrain the ganger. While Fennec is moving further into the room, he trips onto the ground, startling the woman. Rez blasts the TV to full volume and Rama moves in to make a grappling check. Fennec recovers and works with the rest of the crew to subdue the ganger. Rez confirms that the rest of this ganger’s party outside on the bridge haven’t heard the commotion, and inspects the room. She finds a note from the ganger’s boss marked as a shipment schedule, indicating the bridge gets resupplied every two days. They pack up and get back to Fennec’s car, taking the ganger with them back to the University.

Arriving back at Bakersfield University, they are questioned by one of the security guards. He reluctantly lets them in, directing them to a secure room in the history department to use as a holding area. Rama asks the guard to call in Richard to assist with the interrogation efforts. Fennec heads to the cafeteria to brew some fresh coffee, and they all setup in a secure, locked room in the building. Richard comes in a short time later, and they begin questioning the woman. Rama over extends as he begins to move closer to the ganger, accidentally hitting the table and breaking a coffee cup. They continue to try hard-ball interrogation tactics, but fail to successfully get any information out of them. Fennec tries a different approach, using his nomadic ties to ask the ganger about their use of the oil and petrol with their old-school and retro-fitted ground cars. Through further prodding, they are able to confirm that this ganger knows about some deal setup with the Raffen Shiv nomad group, which has helped with keeping the Oildale gangers resupplied. Fennec continues prompting them along, feigning interest in setting up a better deal on behalf of his Aegis nomad clan to keep them talking. They leave the room and discuss the situation with Richard, who asks them to keep pushing for what information they can gather. Rama brings up an idea of pushing out the Raffen Shiv, forcing a gang war to break out between them and the Oildale group, which they consider.

They enter back into the room where Rez was watching over the ganger, and speak with her again. Fennec proposes a deal, they’ll let the ganger go if they bring a proposal forward to her bosses, but he wants to know their approximate size to ensure they are producing enough resources to supply the Aegis group (supposedly). The ganger indicates the group operates with a few dozen people out of a couple of older refineries, which Fennec finds interesting given the amount of manual labour required. From here, the conversation turns sour, with Fennec noting their ganger group is small-time given their size. This infuriates the ganger, and the proposal breaks down, with Fennec bailing on the plan. They agree to keep the ganger confined at the University for now, and head back to the cafeteria to regroup and decide what to do next.

EP 8 – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Rez works with Fennec to prepare the barrels of acid that the mysterious figure “placed” into the crowd. Gunhead runs a Pathfinder check, and identifies the remaining programs within the rest of the NET architecture. This includes the virtual “gate” system, that appears to operate the gate which the Tarrasque walked out from. Gunhead accesses the assets from the Sci-Fi asset program he pulled in earlier. He locates a hover car, reserved in-memory as a part of the Sci-Fi asset program. Immediately the hover car appears within the simulation, in the sky above the coliseum, falling to the ground. Rama is able to dodge out of the way, while the Tarrasque is caught hit. The creature is powerful enough to shake it off, but looks to have taken a beating.

VC shouts to Gunhead and Rama, and loops them into the current plan with throwing the barrels onto the creature. The creature swings to attack, with Rama dodging out of the way. Gunhead rolls a critical success and, thanks to his in-memory hacking, shifts himself out of the way at the last moment before the creature lands its blow. Rama moves under the creature’s legs, landing a few pistol shots as he slides. Gunhead slides into the next level of the NET and encounters a WISP program. The program attacks, limiting his available NET actions on his next turn and dealing damage to his brain directly. In retaliation, Gunhead rezzes his sword program, attacking back in return. This continues for another round, with Gunhead able to eventually defeat the program. Gunhead analyses the remaining architecture, and decides to skip past the NPC control node and straight to the end of the NET to implant a virus. Gunhead spends some time developing quick code to produce a virus intended to reduce all NPCs in the simulation to 1 HP. The Tarrasque attacks Rama, but he is able to use the magic shield to absorb the damage.

Slowly but surely, Rama and Gunhead have been tempting the creature southward, close to where Rez and Fennec have prepared the acidic barrels. Once in place, they throw the barrels over the side of the arena’s walls and into the pit, where the acid begins to spread on the ground. Meanwhile, Gunhead’s virus fails to build successfully, rendering it unusable. Having watched this play out, VC decides to shoot the creature from the audience stands with his shotgun. He lands a perfect shot against the already weakened and coated creature and deals the final blow.

Nick Kraven’s team setup on the rooftop

H.U.G.O. indicates he was pleased overall by their performance, and deactivates the simulation. The crew wake up again in the old arcade. Over the building’s comms H.U.G.O says that as promised, he will let the players take him with them, directing them downstairs. As they head towards the stairs, their agents ping off. A message comes through that VC identifies as the mysterious figure from the simulation, asking them to hold off meeting H.U.G.O until they come up to the roof. They head upstairs, encountering the man who identifies himself as Nick Kraven with Netwatch, along with his support team and a Netwatch-branded AV-4. Rez explains H.U.G.O wants to go with the party, so Nick asks that they consider handing the A.I. over to Netwatch for safe keeping, to avoid the risk of a pre-4th corporate war AI going rogue. This causes a heated discussion within the crew. Rama believes H.U.G.O is best kept with Netwatch, and wants to avoid their wraith, while Gunhead and VC want to keep H.U.G.O and steer well clear of Netwatch. They agree to speak with H.U.G.O first before deciding further.

Gunhead downloads H.U.G.O.

They head downstairs into the basement, and walk into a large server farm that was being used as the main brains for the arcade, it’s simulation and H.U.G.O. The A.I. greets them as they enter into a small administrator’s office, and begins shutting down external systems. A short time later, a small integrated computer system plugged in on the desk chimes to life, with a built-in screen confirming H.U.G.O was safely transported onto the storage medium. Gunhead picks H.U.G.O up, and with a majority vote, they decide to keep the A.I. for now. The server farm that was running the arcade now lies dormant, so they decide to scavenge computer, server and network parts for Kave. As they leave, they see the AV-4 take off from the roof and get a message from Nick Kraven. The message states simply that Netwatch will be “watching”. They drive back to the University, and hand off the supply of parts they collected. Gunhead holds tightly onto H.U.G.O…

EP 7 – The Arcade

Lenny D’s Ramen Stand

Heading into the former downtown area of Bakersfield, the crew arrive to inspect the area for buildings that may still house tech that Kave would be able to use to build a CitiNet. They encounter a few street vendors, most selling food, and walk up to a noodle vendor to pick up local rumours. While they eat, the street vendor lets them know about weird things he’s seen in town. The crew pry him for more information, and the vendor eventually explains that there is an old arcade parlour in the north part of downtown. He has seen six people enter into the arcade over the past few months, but he’s never seen them again.

Defying all reasonable logic, the crew decide to locate the parlour and head inside. Inside, they find an array of arcade machines that are still powered on, but the building appears otherwise abandoned. Fennec looks into the details further and finds what he thinks are drag marks on the floor. Gunhead scans for a localNET and cyberdeck picks up a pre-4th war, old-school NET that looks to still be operational, but remains isolated. Displays throughout the arcade continue to gesture for the team to “PLAY”, “PLAY NOW”, “KEEP PLAYING”, so Gunhead and Rama sit down to play some fighting games. VC looks into the back area of the arcade, finding an office which appears to also have been abandoned and coated in dust. Later, VC, Rez and Fennec find a staircase and what appears to be a large and complex mechanical locking system in the basement of the parlour.

After their game, Gunhead is prompted to take his game to the “next level”. He declines, and Fennec and Rama sit down to play a game. As this happens, interface trodes stick out from the machine’s joysticks. Fennec is able to break free, but Rama remains connected. In response, VC pulls out his shotgun. Several small drones appear from slots in the parlour’s walls. They enter into combat with VC, and he takes significant stun damage from their built-in stun weapons. Rama eventually breaks free from the interface trodes. In the NET, Gunhead finds traces of a large program called “H.U.G.O”. He sends a message to the program requesting its purpose. He gets a simple response: To Entertain. Gunhead sends the program terms: Stand down the stun drones, and he’ll play. H.U.G.O agrees, asking for them to all play, but eventually agrees to Gunhead fighting alone with the rest of the party observing. Everyone connects to the joysticks of the arcade machines and black out.

A short time later, everyone awakes in what appears to be a virtual reconstruction simulation of an ancient roman coliseum. Gunhead stands alone in the centre of the stage, while the others have appeared in the grandstand, standing next to a number of NPCs. A large man wrapped in rich clothes watches over the stage and announces that Gunhead “will play”. A large horned creature walks out of a staging room and bellows a loud roar. He questions Gunhead if he truly wishes to fight alone, so Gunhead chooses for Rama to join him in battle. Meanwhile, Rez, Fennec and VC inspect the virtual crowd that is watching the game.

Gunhead faces the monster

Gunhead focuses on avoiding the creature’s claw and bite attacks and turning on his cyberdeck, so Rama moves in and shoots at the creature with his pistol. Gunhead picks up an older type of NET architecture on his cyberdeck and connects in to assess what he can find. Rama continues, landing a few pistol shots against the creature, slowly bringing down the creature’s health. Fennec and VC notice a weird shift of the air, with a new character in the crowd appearing, so VC moves to investigate. Gunhead identifies a file called “Sci-Fi assets program” which is being contained in-memory for this simulation program. VC speaks with the mysterious figure, who indicates he has a vested interest in the party’s survival. The figure also appears to have a cyberdeck, and is able to load into the coliseum a golden shield, which Rama picks up. The figure also informs them of a collection of acidic barrels he has placed in the simulation, which they can use to deal damage to the creature.

EP 6 – Powering Up

Son Ji Won assessing the University power systems

The crew meet with their respective counterparts and get briefed on what each team needs to get the University into a functional state. Collectively, they decide to first assist Son Ji Won, an engineer working to set up a viable source of power for the rest of the University. Son Ji Won explains they may have some luck scouring a few old industrial yards and warehouses, and if they can source a few extra solar panel arrays it may be enough to keep them going until they hook into something better.

They drive eastward to a collection of industrial yards, and park Fennec’s car around a corner. Advancing on foot, they encounter what appear to be several guards fighting off a group of gangers outside a still-standing warehouse. They assess that these guards appear to be wearing former International Electronic Corporation (IEC) insignia. The crew move into combat, chasing off two gangers who escape in their ground car. A final ganger remains, who is then shot dead by Rama. While inspecting the ganger body, Rama identifies a clan patch of the Raffen Shiv, a notorious and dangerous nomad clan that operate throughout most of the Western states.

Gustav, a former-IEC NET Runner

The IEC guards invite the crew inside the warehouse. Rez works to stabilise a guard who was injured during the fighting, while Rama meets with a former-IEC Net runner named Gustav who is overseeing local operations. Gustav explains their ties to IEC, before the corporation was destroyed and amalgamated during the fourth corporate war. Gustav and a few others knew of old warehouses and storage caches that house IEC goods, and they have been hitting these up to supply their new base of operations at the Lake Isabella Dam. In thanks for their assistance with deterring the gangers, Gustav gives them clearance to take a collection of solar panels from a shelf. Gustav indicates that the team should meet him at the Dam if they ever need to discuss greater energy needs in the future. The former-IEC team begin to pack up the remainder of their supplies, in preparation for a retaliatory attack from the gangers.

Rama checks out the Ganger’s road bike

While the crew begin to pack away the panels, Rama inspects and starts up an old motorcycle that seemed to belong to the ganger he shot dead. Rez is also able to extract a set of Scratchers cyberware from the dead body. The crew head back in Fennec’s car, aside from Rama, who takes the new bike for a spin. Arriving back at the University, they meet again with Son Ji Won who is thrilled to have an extra source of power for their needs for now.

EP 5 – Stateline

Fennec’s brake manoeuvre doesn’t work as well as he planned, with the two motorbike riders attacking them swerving out of the way at the last moment. Meanwhile, in the NET, Gunhead faces combat with an ASP black-ice program. The program attacks and is able to de-rez a program from Gunhead’s cyberdeck. In return, Gunhead launches an attack with his sword program. Rama fires a round off from his assault rifle, landing a hit against one of the motorbikes. Similarly, VC takes a shot with his combat shotgun, landing a hit against the bike. In retaliation, the motorbike riders shoot a barrage of shots from their pistols towards Fennec’s car. Fennec makes a vehicle check and rams into both motorbikes, causing them to crash, fading into the distance as Fennec continues driving forward.

The armoured ganger car, chasing after the crew

A short time later, a heavily armoured car approaching from the rear speeds up to catch up with Fennec. The car moves in quickly and lands a barrage of assault rifle rounds onto the car. Sputtering, Fennec’s car is not in good shape. VC decides to throw a flash bang grenade as a diversion tactic, which explodes just in front of the armoured car and appears to stun the driver. With the car almost dead, they pull the car off to the side of the highway and assess the damage. From what the crew can tell, the armoured car continues forward, with the driver stunned and unable to see them stop.

VC and Fennec look into the damage to the car, and figure they can implement some patchwork quick-fixes to get it into a state fit enough to drive again. After a little while, with the car somewhat repaired, they decide to take some back roads to get the rest of the way to Stateline. A few hours later, they arrive in the small border-town, nestled with numerous courier, shipping and fuel companies that maintain a base of operations. Fennec connects into the local CitiNET and is able to contact a member of his nomad clan to get assistance with additional repairs on the car. He gets a reply from a member who will reach him in a few hours. The crew decide to head into a local diner to wait around and prepare to meet Evan Briggs at noon. Entering into the diner, they get some food and get familiar with the bartender, Smokin’ Jack, who informs that Evan has become a regular over the past few days and should come in a bit later on. Gunhead tries to get familiar with a busy man having breakfast, who doesn’t want to speak with him.

A bar located in Stateline

A few hours later, Fennec’s nomad family member Nathan arrives with equipment and catches up with Fennec. He agrees to help patch up the car a bit further to help them get the rest of the way to Bakersfield. Inside the bar, Evan Briggs enters and greets the crew who have been waiting in the diner. He invites them into a back room of the diner, and they all sit down. Evan explains that he is working with the Southern Californian government to hire reclamation teams to work on restoring Bakersfield into a functional, safe city again. In its current state, the city itself has been abandoned, with only a few people still living in the city. The biggest threat to the future prosperity of the city is a group of gangers based out of a suburb that used to be called Oildale. These gangers have been found to acquiring and fixing up old pre-CHOOH2 vehicles that still use diesel and petrol as a fuel source and being overtly hostile to residents and travellers on the nearby roads. Evan wants more information on the gangers, as well as their help with a number of projects his team has at the moment. He asks them to speak with the leader of his forward operating team, Juliet Lonsdale, who has set up in the old Bakersfield University campus.

They part ways with Evan, and Fennec thanks Nathan for working on the car. From the information they gathered, they decide to head off and loop south down the I-5 and head into Bakersfield from the southern roads, instead of the northern roads where the Oildale gangers may be located. Hours later, they arrive to what appears to be the main University campus grounds, that is fortified with fences and floodlights. They approach an entrance gate and security guards who question them. After a quick radio call, they are allowed to enter and are gestured towards the History Department where Juliet Lonsdale has set up office.

Juliet’s Office

Entering into the department building, they introduce themselves to Juliet who enquires into their specialities. For each of them, Juliet recommends they speak with a member of her team that could use their help. This includes:

  • Daniel Simmons, a medical student trying to set up the medical training lab in the University.
  • Oliver Kranz, who needs assistance with coordinating a nomad trade network to bring supplies into the city on a regular basis.
  • Son Ji Won, an engineer working to establish a reliable power source to power the team’s projects at the University.
  • Kave, a NET engineer hired to help establish and maintain a viable citiNET for Bakersfield.
  • Richard Thwatt, the group’s security specalist focused on keeping an eye on the Oildale gangers.

After being briefed, the team head downstairs to meet with their respective counterparts and get to work.

EP 4 – Upgrades

Victor Anyov briefs them on their long-term job

Gunhead, Fennec, Rez and VC head back to the Recyclands office in Fennec’s car, while Rama detours via a local police district to drop off the gangers he picked up from their last job. He arrives a short time later and speaks with the officer on duty, who lets him into the police compound. Rama fills out the necessary paper work, then asks to borrow the car to finish up a few errands before he heads out to city of Stateline.

Rama meets up with the rest of the crew at the Recyclands office, and meet with Victor Anyov. He briefs them on a long-term contract proposal, which is to assist with ongoing reclamation efforts with a government agency for a town called Bakersfield, located in Southern California. Victor explains the contact for the job is a man named Evan Briggs, who is operating out of a city called Stateline, out east on the border of Northern and Southern California.

Collectively, the crew decide to hit up a night market to spend their wages from their first reclamation job. Travelling around, they find a small market in a parking lot, and hit up vendors to make purchases. Gunhead contacts a friend, Echo, who gets him sorted with cyberdeck upgrades. Rama purchases Kiroshi cyber-eyes, and Fennec organises with a family member to swap out his vehicle. After their shopping, they all head to Rez’s container housing and meet her brother Rick, a street cyber-tech surgeon. Rick handles the installs for Rama, which goes well, and they call it a night.

A typical Night Market, vendors selling goods from their car boots

The next day, the crew finish up lingering tasks and decide to hit the road at night, to avoid the increased traffic on the highways. A short time into their drive, they realise they are being tailed by a set of motorbikes that trail behind them. The crew enter into combat, with Gunhead attempting to maintain a high-latency wireless connection to one of the motorbike’s localNETs. After a few more volleys back and forth, Fennec attempts to brake suddenly to deter the motorbike riders.


VC is the crew’s TECH meaning he is highly skilled in the creation, maintenance and destruction of all types of technical and electrical equipment.

VC has a built-in “tool hand”, meaning he has all the tools he needs on-the-job at the tip of his fingers! He also sports micro-optics for enhanced magnification in the field, which helps to spot threats in the Badlands early.


VC is highly experienced in any kind of TECH. This includes basic and cybernetic tech, along with Electronics/Security, Weaponstech and even Land Vehicles. VC is intelligent and also has high Education and Science skills.


More will be revealed in VC’s Origin story!

Intelligence (INT)8
Reflexes (REF)7
Dexterity (DEX)5
Technique (TECH)6
Cool (COOL)3
Willpower (WILL)3
Luck (LUCK)7
Movement (MOVE)6
Body (BODY)6
Empathy (EMP)5 (7)
Stats are from 1 (low) to 10 (high). VC is luckier than most, and is probably the smartest of the bunch.


Rama is a LAWMAN, a Night City police officer working under the MAXTAC division. With an assortment of weapons and equipment, he operates as the tactical member of the group.

Given his years of service, Rama can boast a strong track record of dealing with gangers the hard way. His goal is clean up the street.


Rama is skilled with a variety of weapon types, and can safely say he knows how to handle everything from a pea-shooter to a bazooka. He also is highly skilled in Interrogation, Tracking, Criminology and Deduction.


More will be revealed in Rama’s origin story!

Intelligence (INT)6
Reflexes (REF)6
Dexterity (DEX)5
Technique (TECH)6
Cool (COOL)8
Willpower (WILL)7
Luck (LUCK)6
Movement (MOVE)7
Body (BODY)6
Empathy (EMP)3 (6)
Stats are from 1 (low) to 10 (high). With his high COOL stat, Rama is able to persuade, or interrogate, people in most situations.


(More on this coming soon)


Gunhead is a NETRUNNER who utilises his Cyberdeck to hack into the NET in the time of the Red.

Gunhead makes use of his cyberdeck and Interface Plugs to connect into NET architecture. In the time of the red, there is always a NET to crack.


Gunhead is skilled with NET running abilities, but also boasts strong skills in Cybertech, Cryptography and Electronics/Security Tech. All to be expected from a hacker, of course. When in battle, Gunhead relies on his handgun to take enemies down.


More will be revealed during Gunhead’s origin episode!

Intelligence (INT)6
Reflexes (REF)6
Dexterity (DEX)6
Technique (TECH)7
Cool (COOL)6
Willpower (WILL)5
Luck (LUCK)7
Movement (MOVE)7
Body (BODY)7
Empathy (EMP)4 (6)
Stats are from 1 (low) to 10 (high). Gunhead has an all-around powerful stats distribution.


A NETRUNNER is nothing without their trusty cyberdeck. ONO-SENDAI RAIJIN4 is a 7-Slot cyberdeck that Gunhead uses to access NET architecture and mainframes.

An example of an ONO-SENDAI Cyberdeck. Stickers are a must. Original image source here

His current loadout includes the following programs:

  • Armor (Defender)
  • Eraser (Booster)
  • Hellhound (Black ICE)
  • Superglue (Anti-Personnel Attacker)
  • Sword (Anti-Program)
  • Vrizzbolt (Anti-Personnel Attacker)
  • Worm (Booster)

Gunhead also sports a backup drive, keeping a safe copy of programs should they be de-rezzed and deleted in the heat of battle.


Rez is a MEDTECH, and has worked full time for Night City’s Trauma Team, before taking on a role with Recyclands.

Rez is a talented Trauma Team medical officer, and has served several years in the many difficult situations, Night City has to offer. Equipped with a build in Medscanner on her arm, Rez can easily assess, triage and attend to injuries that occur.


Rez is skilled with a variety of technical skills, such as Cybertech, Medical Tech, and the more uncommon Paramedic and Surgery skills. This means in a worst-case scenario, Rez would likely be the one patching you up and getting you into a cryo-pump. For reaching her clients, Rez sports a Combat Shotgun, and can also equip a ballistic shield should the need arise.


Rez has served for several years as a medical officer with the Night City based Trauma Team, a private corporation offering medicare-for-hire services to client’s who pay an ongoing monthly subscription.

In situations where she has encountered a deceased hostile with cyberware, she has tried to smuggle out parts to give to her brother Ricky, a ripper-doc.

Intelligence (INT)6
Reflexes (REF)6
Dexterity (DEX)7
Technique (TECH)7
Cool (COOL)5
Willpower (WILL)4
Luck (LUCK)6
Movement (MOVE)6
Body (BODY)5
Empathy (EMP)3 (6)
Stats are from 1 (low) to 10 (high). Rez uses her TECH stat to aid in First Aid and Paramedic skill checks.


Trauma Team – 2045

Rez’s origin episode will be available soon!


Fennec is a NOMAD, and member of the Aegis Air Nomads, who base themselves out of the Inyokern Airbase.

Using his neural link, Fennec can pilot and control most vehicles using his brain directly (hands-free!) which can be useful in hostile situations. His common loadout includes a heavy pistol and roman short sword.


Fennec is adept at Driving and Piloting Land, Sea and Air vehicles, which is to be expected for a nomad. He also sports strong experience in Tracking and Wilderness Survival, making him a vital resource in the badlands. His experience with Melee Weapons, Handguns and Shoulder Arms makes him a tough target during combat, and he has decent Stealth, just in case the crew want to go quiet.


Fennec descends from family in Western Europe who moved into the United States to make their mark on the world. His family originated as reclaimers, sourcing sort after goods and merchandise thought lost to the world for a steady fee. The family soon joined up with others forming the Aegis clan he now operates with.

The Aegis clan ties its founding to a formerly abandoned airfield in Inyokern, California. After a long summer of repairs, his family was able to repair and restore a small fleet of planes and gyros. They soon got to work establishing trade and transport deals with nearby cities, governments and corporations.

Intelligence (INT)7
Reflexes (REF)6
Dexterity (DEX)8
Technique (TECH)4
Cool (COOL)6
Willpower (WILL)7
Luck (LUCK)6
Movement (MOVE)5
Body (BODY)6
Empathy (EMP)3 (5)
Stats are from 1 (low) to 10 (high). Fennec is nimble, thanks to his DEX, helping to make Drive and Pilot checks with all types of vehicles.
The Aegis Clan logo. It represents the Inyokern Airfield where the clan was founded


This 5-door may look simple, but it packs a punch.

As a Nomad, Fennec prides himself on his assortment of vehicles. While the Aegis clan are primarily air nomads, they retain a number of land vehicles for everyday use. Fennec’s go-to is a modified ground car sporting the Aegis nomad clan logo. Internally, the car has been modified to safely accommodate extra passengers (though it won’t be roomy) and an auto-fire machine gun on the roof. The gun is capable of both neural-linked targeting and firing, and the traditional mounted turret approach.

The Reclaimer Crew

The Crew | Episode Recaps | Campaign Details

Provided here are links to all player characters in the Brace the Badlands campaign.


Fennec is a NOMAD, and member of the Aegis Air Clan who base themselves out of the Inyokern Airbase. Using...

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Rez is a MEDTECH, and has worked full time for Night City’s Trauma Team, before taking on a role with...

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Gunhead is a NETRUNNER who utilises his Cyberdeck to hack into the NET in the time of the Red. Gunhead...

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Rama is a LAWMAN, a Night City police officer working under the MAXTAC division. With an assortment of weapons and...

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VC is the crew's TECH meaning he is highly skilled in the creation, maintenance and destruction of all types of...

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EP 3 – Best Laid Plans

VC’s flash bang lands upstairs and blinds a ganger, but also gets caught in the blast. Fietro, the ganger boss, manages to dodge out of the way at the last moment. To try and hide his whereabouts, Gunhead turns off the lights in the warehouse building. Rama launches a barrage of shots against Fietro, with Rez following shortly behind with a shot from her shotgun.

The result of Gunhead’s car crash

As Gunhead aims to head towards the office building, he attempts to scan for other localNETs in the area. A few of the cars on the street are picked up by his scans, and he jacks in. Encountering a password, Gunhead runs a backdoor against the car’s security, but fails. Rama lands a critical hit against a ganger’s rib cage. Fietro moves deeper into the back of the office to seek cover. Fennec uses his short sword to pierce through a cubicle divider, moving closer to get to Fietro. VC recovers from the flash bang and moves into the fray. He grabs a office desk and throws it into a position to use as cover.

Gunhead cracks the car’s localNET, but fails on a control check to start it up. Upstairs the battle continues with Rama, VC, Fennec and Rez pushing further into the office building. Outside, a firefight ensues between the ganger’s backup and the police. With control over the car, Gunhead uses his net running abilities to speed the car straight into two gangers. He then spins and launches the car to take out another ganger on the street. VC and Rez land a barrage a shotgun blasts against Fietro and the remaining ganger upstairs, clearing out the remaining threat. They begin to assess the bodies for extractable cyberware and weapons, then head back downstairs to meet with Gunhead. Regrouping with the backup that Rama called in, Gunhead contacts Viktor Anyov to report the job is complete, and he indicates he is sending the client, a Mr. Anuj Singh with the Khuma Astra corporation.

The client arrives

The client arrives in a luxury ground car with security escort, and introduces themselves. They thank the team for their work and enter into the office to assess the building, and review the remaining inventory in the warehouse. The crew head into their cars to head back to debrief with Victor Anyov at the Recyclands Office.

EP 2 – Tactics

Gunhead continues to navigate through the old medical warehouse’s localNET. He encounters a Raven black ICE program and prepares to fight it with a Sword program. In a single attack, he is able to defeat the Raven, which deactivates. Rama continues to inspect the warehouse containers, finding more supplies for the production of narcotics.

Fennec moves the car out of the warehouse and back onto the street. Gunhead cracks a password in the localNET and identifies accessible control nodes that each control the camera and lighting systems in the building. Checking a file he had earlier scanned, he notifies the team of the location of several other Endolphin bases in the area.

Rama and Fennec attempt to gain access to the main office section of the building, but find the door is locked. Fennec hot wires a car on the street, lines it up and drives it into the office door, barrelling out at the last moment. The car collides and the door flies off its frame, allowing the team to get inside. Rama heads into the office first, identifying a few gangers toward the back of the building. Rama propels forward and shouts, himself as an NCPD officer. A ganger panics, throwing down their weapon and surrendering. Rama handcuffs and detains the ganger. While this happens, a second ganger waiting in a side room opens a door and the crew engage in combat. Fennec makes multiple shots with his pistol, with one hit landing. The armed ganger shoots back, damaging a table in the back of the room before retreating. Rama accelerates inwards, shooting off a barrage with Autofire.

Meanwhile, Rez leaves the warehouse where Gunhead is still jacked in. Gunhead connects to the camera systems of the building, and he can see upstairs, identifying a few gangers who have holed themselves upstairs. Rama shouts out the armed ganger in the room, demanding their surrender. As the ganger is injured, they comply and throw their weapon. Rama interrogates the ganger about their activities, and Rez arrives to check on the injured ganger’s wounds.

Rama takes out the ganger’s agent, demanding he call their boss, Fietro who is located upstairs. Rama tries to talk him down in exchange for a lighter sentence. The conversation deteriorates and Fietro disconnects the call, deciding to call in more Endolphin gangers from a neighbouring hideout. Rama also elects to call in backup, with four beat cops being dispatched from a nearby police precinct. Gunhead provides input on the status of the gangers via the camera feeds, while they debate on using smoke or flash bang grenades as a breaching option.

Rama’s backup arrives on-scene

A few minutes later, Rama’s backup arrives, who are briefed on the situation. The officers set up around the entrance to the office building. The crew decide on a game plan: Lob a flash bang as they ascend the staircase at the back of the building, that leads to the upper floor. Gunhead creates a virus within the localNET that loops video of Fietro, the ganger boss, while he superimposes his own audio. He sends out the virus, which is sent to the gangers outside. Gunhead then activates controls for the lighting system in the upper floor of the building. Rama and VC head upwards first up the stairs. VC throws a flash bang into the center of the room.

EP 1 – The First Job

The year is 2045. Night City is a sprawling region on the western coast of the United States, nestled between L.A. and San Francisco. The city itself is still recovering from a nuclear explosion that hit a mega-tower right in its heart 20 years earlier. Cleanup has been ongoing, but the former city center is now known as the “Hot Zone”, and considered by many as a lawless and ruthless wasteland. Some crews, called “Reclaimers” have attempted to scavenge or rebuild in parts of the area with mixed results.

Fennec, Gunhead, Rama, Rez and VC, five citizens of Night City, accept a meeting with a new Reclaimer-focused corporation that has sprung up overnight in Night City. They enter into the Recyclands office in Heywood and wait while a receptionist notifies the managing director, Victor Anyov, of their arrival. The team briefly introduce themselves and a short time later are ushered into a long boardroom.

The crew meet each other, and their employer Victor Anyov, for the first time.

A bald, man of eastern European appearance introduces himself as Victor Anyov and the crew settle in. Anyov explains that they are being hired as a contractor team to perform reclamation works in Night City and its greater surrounds. Their first job is for a small pharmaceutical corporation, Khuma Astra Corporation, that wants to re-occupy a building they previously owned in the early 2020s. He believes that gangers have occupied the building and wants it cleared so that the client can move back in. On a map, he indicates an old building with an attached warehouse located in the Old Med Center, a district of the City Center now located in the radioactive hot zone.

They leave and debate how to get from Heywood to the Old Med Center in the middle of the city. Fennec, a nomad, offers to take everyone in his clan’s custom six-seater ground car. They travel north, and a short time later make their way into the hot zone. They park a short distance away from the building and Gunhead notices a single ganger lingering near a doorway, with a large warehouse door in a neighbouring building. VC tries to use his zoom optics, but many of the windows and doors are barred up. Rama navigates around an alleyway to sneak up on the ganger outside. Rama fails a sneak attempt and alerts the ganger, who bangs the door and notifies their friends inside.

Fennec jumps back into this car and prepares to move into his gun turret. Gunhead and Rez move closer to the warehouse building, while Gunhead tries and fails to jump into a local NET. Rama shoots with his pistol at the ganger. The ganger returns fire at Rama, who is hiding behind cover and avoids their spray. VC moves towards the ganger and takes a shot with his shotgun, which misses due to the distance. Fennec takes a shot with his car’s machine gun, but shoots too wide and misses. The crew continue their assault on the ganger outside the building, with Rama landing the finishing shot. In a rush, Gunhead fails their first few NET running actions while trying to find an access point.

Gunhead eventually locates an access point to the local NET within the building’s warehouse and works with the rest of the team to assemble a plan to get inside. Rez and Rama scavenge what they can find from the dead body, with Rez extracting a few components she intends to give to her ripper-doc brother. VC uses his electronic skills to hot wire a large roller door’s control panel, and Fennec prepares his car along a ramp leading into the warehouse door.

As the door opens, a ganger shouts in alarm. The crew prepare to move in and VC throws a flash bang grenade. He misses his target, and Fennec drives his car up the warehouse ramp, moving to shoot from his car’s mounted turret. The gangers in the warehouse move forward to attack and land a shot against Fennec’s car. Gunhead notices a small electronic device and jumps into Fennec’s car, then jacks in using his cyberdeck. Rez rushes in and takes a shot at a ganger located inside, then seeks cover. A second ganger moves in and shoots at Fennec’s car, dealing damage to the front driver door. Rama lands a few shots with his pistol, then seeks cover again. VC lands a fatal shot with his shotgun, taking a ganger down.

Investigating the contents of the warehouse

Gunhead unlocks and navigates passed a Password in the localNET, but struggles on running an Eye-Dee on a file he has located. Rez shoots another ganger with her shotgun, and manages to take them down. Rama launches forward, making two shots with his pistol. He lands a critical hit in the last remaining ganger’s ribs. Rez identifies and extracts a few pieces of cyberware from the dead gangers. Gunhead uses Pathfinder, locating a Hellhound on a lower level. Gunhead manages to Eye-Dee the file he located, which details the current bases or holdouts of the gangers, called the Endolphins, who have set themselves up in this warehouse.

As they search the remains of the warehouse, they find a number of boxes and barrels that the Endolphins appear to be using to ship and manufacture narcotics and illegal medical supplies.


The Crew | Episode Recaps | Campaign Details

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The Crew | Episode Recaps | Campaign Details

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