EP 24 – A Taste of Your Own Medicine (Finale)

Inside the administration building of the refinery, the crew continue to investigate the rooms, looking for Rayze. They head upstairs, passing make-shift bedrooms and into a kitchen. Towards the back of the office, they spot a NETrunner who appears to be jacked in and hasn’t yet noticed them approach. Rez makes too much noise and draws the runner’s attention, so Rama makes a quick push to rush and tackle him. With a critical success, the NETrunner is able to side-step out of the way as Rama misses. Rez dives across a small desk to lunge and stab with her sleep dart, but this misses as well. Gunhead tells Rez to pull out the runner’s trodes near the back of his neck, which she is able to step around and yank. As the interface trodes collapse to the ground, the NETrunner collapses to the ground in shock. Gunhead approaches, pulling out his pistol, and interrogates the man to gather information about his architecture. The NETrunner reluctantly agrees that this isn’t worth dying over and discusses the main layout, including: monitoring drones, fire suppression systems, and the main refinery start/stop controls. Gunhead logs in as the NETrunner and gains full control of the systems.

The crew attempt to subdue the NETrunner.

With full access to the system, Gunhead pipes the feeds from the monitoring drones to everyone’s agents as they change course to fly through the refinery, searching for Rayze. Towards the back, north-west corner of the refinery, one of the drones spots a bald man with a bushy beard holed up with two other gangers in a small building. They leave the taped-up NETrunner upstairs and proceed to head downstairs and out of the building. Waiting for a few remaining gangers to leave and join the firefight outside, the crew slip through into the main refinery area. As they approach the building where Rayze appears to be hiding, Rama passes a flash bang to Fennec, and they prepare to breach at the same time.

The flashbangs roll and go off, with Rayze and one of the gangers being hit, ending up blinded and deafened, while one of the other gangers is able to avoid the flash. Achieving a surprise round, the crew move into action. Rama fires off with his pistol, landing two shots against one of the gangers. Gunhead approaches, shooting the same ganger and dealing further damage. Fennec pulls out his sword and runs towards another ganger, making two swings and killing them outright. Rez runs around to the side of the room, stopping just before Rayze. Rama re-positions and finishes off the other ganger, leaving just Rayze remaining. Fennec moves forward, drawing his sword and placing it on Rayze’s shoulder. Using the Facedown rules of Cyberpunk Red, Fennec rolls against Rayze and succeeds, forcing him to back down. As Rayze accepts capture, he says in disgust that this would have been their chance to push back against the corporate greed prominent in the time of the Red, where these people could have had control over their own destinies.

Fennec indicates to Rayze that the Raffen Shiv have betrayed him, filling him in on their earlier conversation and what Rayze wanted to do. They handcuff Rayze and walk him out of the refinery. Many of the gangers who are in combat against the militia stop their fighting, as Rayze tells them to stop and informs them about the Raffen Shiv betrayal. Disheartened and with their leader captured, the gangers hand over their weapons. Rayze asks what the crew plan to do with him, and Fennec asks if he wants to talk with Solomon and the Raffen Shiv, to discuss the recent change in events. Fennec composes a message to Solomon, indicating that they captured Rayze and shut down the Oildale gangers operation, but that Rayze really, really, wanted to speak with him, so they are bringing him back to the bar. As they make their way back to the bar, they receive a simple message stating: “Fine, I’ll finish the job myself” from Solomon.

Rayze confronts Solomon, the local leader of the Raffen Shiv group.

Arriving at the bar, they walk past Vera (who Fennec ignores), and direct Rayze to walk into the bar. Rayze approaches Solomon, still sitting at the end of the bar, with many of the Raffen Shiv members crowding around him. Solomon indicates they had to wrap up their deal, and nods to one of his associates, who pulls out a pistol and shoots Rayze who collapses to the floor. While this is happening, Gunhead sneaks past and tells the bartender to get out of the area, fast-walking out the door as Rayze’s body lands on the floor. As they clear the area, Gunhead asks H.U.G.O. to position some cameras on the network to record the bar, then pulls out his agent, calling up the detonator he set up earlier. A moment later, the bar is engulfed by a fireball that destroys almost all the building. H.U.G.O. informs Gunhead that he was able to locate and replicate the dead-man switch signal that Solomon had set up for the remainder of the explosive devices setup throughout the city.

They contact their allies and travel back to Bakersfield University to regroup, finding Evan and Juilet, along with the other reclamation staff, who greet them with applause. The crew fill in Evan Briggs on what has been accomplished, with Evan directing Richard to locate and isolate the explosive devices that Gunhead was able to find on the cloned agent. The crew, having had a big stake in developing Bakersfield, all agree to stick around to help develop the city further.