EP 6 – Powering Up

Son Ji Won assessing the University power systems

The crew meet with their respective counterparts and get briefed on what each team needs to get the University into a functional state. Collectively, they decide to first assist Son Ji Won, an engineer working to set up a viable source of power for the rest of the University. Son Ji Won explains they may have some luck scouring a few old industrial yards and warehouses, and if they can source a few extra solar panel arrays it may be enough to keep them going until they hook into something better.

They drive eastward to a collection of industrial yards, and park Fennec’s car around a corner. Advancing on foot, they encounter what appear to be several guards fighting off a group of gangers outside a still-standing warehouse. They assess that these guards appear to be wearing former International Electronic Corporation (IEC) insignia. The crew move into combat, chasing off two gangers who escape in their ground car. A final ganger remains, who is then shot dead by Rama. While inspecting the ganger body, Rama identifies a clan patch of the Raffen Shiv, a notorious and dangerous nomad clan that operate throughout most of the Western states.

Gustav, a former-IEC NET Runner

The IEC guards invite the crew inside the warehouse. Rez works to stabilise a guard who was injured during the fighting, while Rama meets with a former-IEC Net runner named Gustav who is overseeing local operations. Gustav explains their ties to IEC, before the corporation was destroyed and amalgamated during the fourth corporate war. Gustav and a few others knew of old warehouses and storage caches that house IEC goods, and they have been hitting these up to supply their new base of operations at the Lake Isabella Dam. In thanks for their assistance with deterring the gangers, Gustav gives them clearance to take a collection of solar panels from a shelf. Gustav indicates that the team should meet him at the Dam if they ever need to discuss greater energy needs in the future. The former-IEC team begin to pack up the remainder of their supplies, in preparation for a retaliatory attack from the gangers.

Rama checks out the Ganger’s road bike

While the crew begin to pack away the panels, Rama inspects and starts up an old motorcycle that seemed to belong to the ganger he shot dead. Rez is also able to extract a set of Scratchers cyberware from the dead body. The crew head back in Fennec’s car, aside from Rama, who takes the new bike for a spin. Arriving back at the University, they meet again with Son Ji Won who is thrilled to have an extra source of power for their needs for now.