The Ship

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Type-S Scout/Courier Class

The crew have found themselves in stewardship of a Type-S Scout/Courier spaceship named HIGHNDRY. The Imperial Interstellar Scout Service (IISS) has deemed the HIGHNDRY a detached service vessel, now commonly ending up in short-term private use. It forever remains the property of the IISS and may be called into service should the need ever arise.

The unique colour and pattern of the HIGHNDRY as seen from the exterior
An isometric view of the interior of the ship
A deck plan of the Type-S Scout vessel


The four staterooms onboard have been fitted for dual-occupancy, with every room now able to hold two people in an integrated bunk bed. This provides a maximum livable occupancy of 8, though there are currently only a few permanent crew onboard.

The Air/raft on-board was gifted by Captain Ross Jeck of the Gesona, as covered in the events of Cold Storage. It can be docked and undocked via a compartment on the underside of the ship.

The Jump Drive is J-2 capable, allowing for larger jumps then most smaller 100-ton vessels.

The power plant is capable of supporting one J-2 jump (or two J-1 jumps) and 12 weeks of standard operations before needing to refuel. Onboard scoops and fuel processors make this an easy task.

12 tons of cargo space is available on the lower deck (cargo hold) on the underside of the ship with a large cargo airlock to facilitate the stowing and unloading of cargo easily.

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