Played by Liam

A rogue, Asang is a Vargr – a member of a wolf-like race – who is quick with a blade. He spent many years smuggling and offloading cargo before he joined up with the crew of the HIGHNDRY.


Played by Luke

Following a dream of becoming a naval officer he took to the stars. Bad luck followed him out of University and he never quite made it. Driven slightly mad by his failures, he set out to drift among the Spinward Marches in the hopes of finding a drifter colony mercenary crew.

Jexa Koghelin

Played by Michelle

Jexa is a scientist who has ended up in partial ownership of an orbital lab ship. She provides scientific support to the team.

Mul Mantamari

Played by Jackson

A member of a lesser-known alien race, Mul is an old friend of Asang and has a background in smuggling and dealing.

Pheonix Nomor

Played by Alex

A human with psionic abilities, he can be considered a jack of all trades and is a handy medic. In a fight he can utilise advanced abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis to his advantage.


Played by Tasman

In his mid-50s, Phillip is a man of aristocratic service. He is known to be able to influence people easily to get his way, but can’t hold out too long in a firefight.

Wade Murphy

Played by Ze

Wade is a former sergeant in the marine corp, who served in the support wing as an engineer. After suffering injuries in combat and being dishonourably discharged for shooting a superior officer, Wade became a merchant marine for several years before joining the crew of the HIGHNDRY.

The Referee / GM

Played by Ben

The voice behind the NPCs and mastermind of the stories of the adventures.