EP 15 – What Happens In Vegas

The crew head into the hired car service and debate on what to do with some downtime before they have to meet with Connor Stewart. They agree to head into the main “strip” of Las Vegas and arrive a short time later. Gunhead finds out that Mickey owes money to the Killmore Casino and wants to try his luck, so the rest of the crew agree to travel. They leave Mickey in the strip, as he thinks he wouldn’t be welcomed back given that he is on bad terms with them right now.

They walk up the street into the casino and are welcomed by a greeter. Fennec checks in his sword, while Rez checks in her coat. They head to the bar and finish a round, then go up to a blackjack table. They play a number of rounds, with none of the crew making any profit. After they finish up, Fennec approaches Donovan, the man who accosted Mickey at the airport. He finds out from Donovan that Mickey owes the casino 50,000 eurobucks, and that they took the aircraft as collateral until he can pay them back.

The crew at a Blackjack table

The crew leave, cashing out the remainder of their chips, and head back to where they left Mickey and grab some food (sushi). They eventually find Mickey leaving a bar, and agree to rest at a motel on the outskirts of town before they head to where they were meeting with Connor. The motel is quite cheap, which seems to further indicate Mickey’s financial condition. They double-bunk in two rooms, with Gunhead pulling out the child’s bed. In the morning Rama purchases some pre-pak food (not trusting the motel’s continental breakfast) and they hit the road to a part of town in outer Vegas known as “The Sticks”.

Arriving at the address, they find a trailer park and find Connor Stewart, out of armour, sitting in a couch outside a large RV. He invites them inside, and into a false floor leading into a small bunker installed underneath the vehicle. Throughout the bunker is an assortment of weapons, ammunition and heavy ordinance. Connor explains that while it isn’t illegal to own and distribute this equipment within Nevada, he likes to maintain a low-profile to avoid other trouble that might come up. He directs them to a holo-display, showcasing a private commercial train line that runs mostly parallel to a set of major highways between Las Vegas, Nevada to the L.A. District in Southern California. Rama and Fennec recall hearing about these, but know they are often prone to being attacked by outlaws and bandits along the miles of land bordering the train line. Connor indicates he greased a few palms to get a weapons shipment – specifically the Artillery Cannons – into a train yard on the outskirts of L.A, but wants the crew to scare off any potential attackers. They agree to meet at the private train station in the afternoon to provide security for the shipment.

In Connor’s Munitions Bunker