EP 16 – The Wild Bunch

While they wait to meet at the Pacific Private Rail train station, Rama sends an outbound message via his agent, providing a tip off to the Night City Police Department (NCPD) regarding what looks to have been pocket nukes that they found in the weapons bunker. Hours later, they travel a freight yard and meet with Connor Stewart again. Connor introduces the crew to the train engineer and operator, and the enter onto the train. Once inside, they begin to look around. Fennec inspects the cargo, finding towards the rear what looks to be the artillery cannons they are transporting. Gunhead gains authorised contractor-level access to the train’s localNET and scouts the entire architecture:

1A: Password
2A: File (Shipping Manifest)
3A: Black Ice (Raven)
4A: Control Node (Armed Flying Observation Drone)5B: Password
–>6B: Control Node (Fire Suppression Systems)
–>7B: Black Ice (2 x Hell Hounds)
–>8B: Control Node (Engineering Control Systems)

Gunhead looks at the shipping manifest, and confirms that the artillery cannons have been loaded, as well as finding an assortment of other firearms and ammunition destined for other customers in Los Angeles. He leaves a copy of his own Black Ice to run as an alert proxy, designed to notify him if someone were to connect to the network.

Gangers approaching the train

The train departs and leaves the outskirts of Las Vegas towards Southern California. A short time later Rez and Rama begin to scout out from the sides of the train to keep an eye out for banditry. Rez scouts trucks approaching from a side road running parallel to the train tracks and warns the crew. Gunhead launches the drone, which shoots out from the side of the train. Fennec notifies the train driver, who securely locks the compartment after he leaves.

Using his AR goggles, Gunhead is able to see from the drone’s point-of-view and sees the trucks are closing the distance. In one of the trucks, he spots the back door open and a hacker-looking character, wearing AR goggles themselves, looks to be trying to get close enough to hack in. He activates the drone’s self-defence pistol, and lands a shot against the hacker.

Entering initiative, Gunhead kicks off, and shoots at the vehicle itself in an attempt to stop them. The pistol shots hit the truck, dealing some damage. Fennec exits onto a side railing on the train car and shoots with his heavy pistol, causing one of the trucks to swerve to dodge the barrage. Rama shoots from his assault rifle, but misses as the trucks continue swerving. Some of the gangers climb to the roof of their trucks, with one of them taking a shot with an SMG gun. Fennec gets hit, but his armour is able to absorb the blow. Another ganger moves forward to jump, but fails spectacularly, and falls to the ground, disappearing to the ground below. Rez tries to use the train carriage doors as cover, and shoots with her assault rifle towards the gangers, dealing damage to one of the other trucks.

The Ganger NETrunner attempts to connect, but it frizzles out due to their distance to their train. Another ganger, standing on the truck on the train’s right side, lands a critical attack with their SMG. Rama’s armour is able to absorb the blow (just), but the attack comes at a surprise. Still controlling the drone, Gunhead misses a shot against a truck on the train’s left side. Fennec takes two shots with his pistol, and disables the vehicle the NETrunner was hiding in, and he watches it fade into the distance. Rama takes an overconfident shot, missing an attack as the train navigates around a bend.

Another ganger appears and leaps onto the train, almost falling at the last moment and collapsing to the floor of the outer train rail. Rez takes advantage of the ganger’s compromised position, shooting with her shotgun, and deals a significant amount of damage. A second ganger tries to jump across, but suffers a critical failure and falls, being crunched by the train. A last, more powerful ganger approaches and manages a graceful manoeuvre, jumping and flipping onto the train. The ganger quickly launches into a lunge, attacking Rama with a combat knife. Rama side-steps the first attack, but doesn’t react quickly enough against the second hit, which deals no significant damage against his robust armour. Gunhead disconnects from the train localNET, and moves to help Rama against the ganger. Fennec switches to his sword and pushes through Gunhead and Rama, attempting to attack the ganger who made it onto the train. His first lunge lands, but the ganger is able to block against the second blow. Rama throws his weapon to the ground and switches to his fists, making a brawling check and landing a solid punch.

Rez aims a shotgun blast towards the other remaining ganger, but misses, firing the blast towards the trailing truck. In a panic, the driver brakes and disappears into the distance. Meanwhile, Rama’s armour absorbs another hit from the powerful ganger, who then prepares to jump back onto the truck. Noticing the ganger in a vulnerable position, Gunhead makes a successful attack with his pistol, landing another shot. With this ganger being dealt with by Rama and Gunhead, Fennec disengages and runs to the other side of the train car to check on Rez. With the ganger having run away from Rama, he reaches for his pistol making two shots (one of them dealing critical damage!), he deals significant damage against the ganger who dismembers their own hand in the process. Wanting to continue the fight, Rama tries to jump across to the truck, but slips, almost falling down. Gunhead swoops in at the last moment and grabs his hand, saving him from an otherwise gruesome death.

The ganger in combat with Rez receives a second wind, and stands up to fight against Rez. They move forward and shoot with their SMG at Rez. In their injured state, they critically fail and shoot against the train door instead. Rez reacts with a grapple check, but they dodge out of the way at the last moment. The powerful ganger, who has now made their way on top of the truck, bangs on the roof and it begins to brake. The ganger lands a final shot with their SMG against Rama. Gunhead swoops around to the other side of the train and engages into combat with the ganger fighting against Rez. They land a final shot, causing the ganger to stagger back. The ganger collapses, falling over the train railing and disappears.

With combat over, the engineer informs them they are closing the distance to their destination, and the rest of their journey is quiet. The train arrives a short time later in a trainyard in San Bernadino, and they speak with the engineer who informs them to speak with the weapons buyers who should be waiting outside for them. They meet with the buyers who begin to approach the train, and the crew send off a message to Connor to let them know the job is done. Rama checks his agent, receiving confirmation from the police department they are now keeping an keen eye on shipments coming from Nevada. Around the same time, the crew’s phones light up for a real-time call, meaning it’s someone on the same CitiNET. Rez takes the call, and discovers the caller is Evan Briggs, the representative who met them at Stateline to help with the Bakersfield reclamation works. He asks why they are in town, and Rez briefly explains. He asks if they’d like to catch up, and they agree to meet with him at a café more toward downtown L.A. They grab a taxi which begins to drive them further into the city centre.