EP 18 – Into the Fire

As Fennec’s car comes into a stop in the lobby of the corporate lobby, the crew enter into initiative order.

In round one, Rama starts and, using the cover from Fennec’s car, throws a teargas grenade further into the lobby. The grenade bounces off a desk, missing it’s intended targets, but gets manages to partially affect one of the gangers. In retaliation, a ganger shoots at Fennec’s car, dealing some damage. One of the friendly security guards, Warren, approaches forward into the lobby and retains a defensive position. Fennec activates his neural link and launches a barrage of autofire rounds from his car’s onboard machine gun turret. One of the gangers runs off, and disappears at the back of the lobby, while another ganger makes an attack against the cover they are hiding behind. Rez proceeds forward, landing a shot with her assault rifle against a concrete pillar a ganger is using to hide. In NET space, Gunhead navigates down a floor and encounters a Hellhound Black ICE program, waiting to attack. Gunhead and the program roll to see who goes first, with the Hellhound winning the roll. It launches an attack, but Gunhead is able to dodge the assault at the last minute. In retaliation, Gunhead activates his sword program, dealing a good chunk of damage. Back in MEAT space, a ganger re-positions and makes an attack towards Rama with their heavy pistol. The shot lands, destroying the couch Rama was hiding behind. Another ganger who was wounded from the autofire attack shoots with their SMG, but misses. Ghoul, another friendly security guard, repositions themselves closer into the lobby floor.

Starting in round two, Rama drops his rifle to the ground, switching to his heavy pistol. He runs up to slide across the front of Fennec’s car, but critically fails, falling to the ground. Warren damages and destroys one of the pillars where a ganger is hiding behind, freeing up a shot from the rest of the team. Fennec activates his car’s autofire gun again, aiming at the ganger standing in the open, but fails as he is too close and misses. A ganger moves and attacks Warren, dealing damage against him. Rez makes another shot against a ganger, dealing some damage through their leather armour. In NET space, Gunhead continues his fight against the Hellhound. It attacks, piercing through his defence, and deals damage directly to Gunhead’s brain. Additionally, his cyberdeck and clothing begin to catch fire in the real world. Gunhead launches an attack in return, but fails the first attack. He re-tries with his sword program, succeeding and dealing enough damage to destroy and de-REZ the Hellhound program. With this last NET action, he activates a BACKDOOR program, cracking a password to see the remainder of the NET, including a WISP Black ICE program and Control Node. A ganger shoots at Fennec’s car, landing a few shots against it. Another ganger repositions towards the rear of the lobby, and Ghoul tries to go around behind Fennec’s car.

Gunhead’s avatar in NET space – “No Face” – in combat against a Wisp.

Round three begins, with Rama moving around the car (having just learnt his lesson). He makes two pistol shots against a ganger standing near Fennec’s car. Both shots land, with the second dealing a critical injury. As Rama moves forward and takes the shots, he steps onto the ganger’s hand, crushing their fingers in the process. A ganger re-positions and makes a shot against Rama, but misses due to the far distance. Warren proceeds forward, making an attack with their assault rifle against a ganger, dealing significant damage and dropping them to the ground. Fennec exits his car, and moves forward to meet up with Rama standing next to a nearby pillar, taking cover. Rez moves up into the lobby, and prepares to make an attack when a shot is available. Gunhead tries to SLIDE past the Wisp Black ICE program, but is noticed. It attacks, and deals damage directly to his brain. He makes an attack with his sword program again which fails spectacularly, but his second attack lands. Dealing damage, he is able to deal 15 points of damage, which completely de-REZes the Wisp Black ICE program. With his last action, he inspects the Control Node on the next floor. He scans and identifies that they are deactivated gun turrets in the ceiling setup in the lobby. He successfully breaks the control locks, meaning he can make an attack using them next turn. The injured ganger with crushed fingers tries to pick up their gun, but fails, crawling away from Rama instead. Another ganger further in the lobby shoots at Rama, landing the shot, which is absorbed by his armorjack body armour. Ghoul tries to move behind the back of Fennec’s car, but slips on some garbage left in the lobby.

The bloodied remains of the ganger who took a lot of damage from the ceiling-mounted gun turrets.

Coming into round four and five, Rama retaliates against the ganger which shot at him, landing both shots against the ganger, one of which being a critical injury. The first shot hits the ganger’s shoulder, while the second shot hits his rib cage and into his lung, forcing him to begin coughing up blood and collapsing to the ground. The last “healthy” ganger tries to escape through the lobby elevator floors, but finishes their movement just before the elevator doors. Fennec grapples the injured ganger with crushed fingers, and maintains their hold against them. Rez proceeds further into the lobby to a reception desk. Gunhead activates the control node, and launches an attack with both ceiling-mounted gun turrets, which turn online. He deals 10d6 damage (2 x 5d6), for a grand total of 37 damage. As the shots land, his armour is able to absorb part of the blow, but receives a serious spinal injury. Rama launches two more shots with his pistol, which are partially absorbed by his armour. The now seriously wounded, and last remaining, ganger is able to crawl the rest of the way into a lobby elevator, which Rama notices stops at the rooftop. Fennec and Rama place cuffs on the grappled ganger, and Gunhead decides to finally put out his on-fire clothing.