EP 19 – Going Up

Rez approaches Warren, who took damage in the last firefight. She stabilises his wounds using her Paramedic skill, and then moves to assess Gunhead’s burn wounds. She is able to stabilise him, and chooses to use one of her Speedheal stims, which immediately begins the healing process. Gunhead’s wounds turn a fleshy pink, before beginning to heal completely, almost bringing him back up to full health.

Meanwhile, Rama and Fennec hand off the captured ganger to Warren and Ghoul to interrogate, while they start to head toward the elevators at the back of the lobby with the rest of the crew. Rama remembers that two gangers appeared to escape, travelling to the rooftop via one of the elevators. The crew decide on how to proceed, with Rama and Fennec choosing to take one elevator, while Rez and Gunhead take the other. Before they head up, Gunhead checks in with H.U.G.O., and has him check sensor data from some of the equipment he had left on the rooftop when setting up the CitiNET. H.U.G.O reports that telemetry data reports two gangers are on the rooftop, with one close to an antenna tower, the other ganger residing near the elevator doors.

As the elevators arrive at the ground floor lobby, the crew split up and enter in, approaching the rooftop. Rez quickly makes a reaction to a shotgun blast which goes off, with her bulletproof shield absorbing the attack. Rez and Gunhead are able to look towards the remaining antenna tower on the roof, noticing a small bag has been placed near the base of the tower. Everyone enteres into initiative order.

Coming into round one, At the start of the order, a ganger approaches from the tower, positioning to the top of a staircase and making an attack at Rez. The shot lands, but Rez is able to use her bulletproof shield to absorb the rest of the blow, which then breaks due to the damage it has taken. Rez switches to her assault rifle and returns fire, landing a shot and dealing damage. Gunhead repositions and also takes a shot, aiming with his very heavy pistol. The shots land, and Gunhead retreats back into cover. The injured ganger, sitting toward the elevators, tries to pick up his shotgun, but fails, screaming out in pain. Fennec runs past everyone, jumping a small wall, stopping just short of the antenna. Rama steps out, pops two pistol shots at the ganger, and walks back.

The injured ganger, waiting for Rez as she exits the elevator.

In round two, the remaining ganger retaliates against Rama’s execution style attack, and shoots back. The SMG attack lands, breaking Rama’s bulletproof shield. Rez runs up the stairs, stopping just next to Fennec. Gunhead hurries to make another pistol shot, but misses, shooting between Fennec and Rez. Fennec attempts a grapple on the ganger, who is now trying to run away, and coathangers them to the ground, ending combat.

Rama rushes up, placing handcuffs on the ganger. Rez inspects the bag at the base of the long-distance antenna, identifying plastic explosives. Rama recalls having seen similar types of explosives used before, and feels confident that he can disarm it. He spends a few minutes carefully deactivating the explosive triggers, and detaches a remote relay trigger device. He walks up to the handcuffed ganger, and demands to know who has the triggering device that would set this off. The ganger indicates a man named “Solomon” would have it, but that she has no idea where he is. Rama asks Gunhead to sweep the CitiNET, with Gunhead asking H.U.G.O. to check for radio frequencies communicating with this trigger. H.U.G.O indicates that it appears to be coming from closer to the downtown part of Bakersfield, but should be able to triangulate it once they get closer to the origin. Gunhead also finds where a physical cable was cut on the antenna, and quickly re-wires it, with everyone’s agents pinging to confirm long-distance communication is available again via periodic data bursts. Just before they head downstairs, Rez scavenges a few pieces of cyberware on them, including two cyber-eyes with anti-dazzle and image enhancement features. She quickly extracts them, bagging the eyes as the crew head back down the elevator to the lobby floor.

Gunhead tries to re-wire the tower to re-establish long-distance communication in Bakersfield.

Back on the ground floor, they meet up with Warren and Ghoul and debate on how to proceed. H.U.G.O confirms he has isolated the location of Solomon, but recommends that they should send out a data burst and contact any friends or allies they have to get help with saving the city.