EP 21 – Insertion

Gunhead and Nathan are both buckled into Fennec’s CH-53 Sikorsky Sea Stallion, while Rez, Rama and Kobeck prepare to drop on the MAXTAC AV-4 aircraft, being piloted by Lyon. Fennec moves the aircraft forward to line up a good shot for Gunhead in the co-pilot seat. Gunhead lines up a shot with the CH-53’s onboard light machine gun, and lands a damaging blow against one of the gangers standing guard on the other side of the Kern river.

The CH-53 Sea Stallion flying towards the tank.

At the same time, Rez, Rama and Kobeck and preparing to insert into the area to take on the tank. Lyon brings the AV-4 around to a back alley, and Kobeck prepares a guiding rope for them to rappel down. Making athletics checks, Rez gracefully descends downward, while Rama in his heavy metal gear drops out of the aircraft before recovering at the last moment, slightly denting the armour. Kobeck follows behind, landing and moving to secure the area, while Lyon flies out of the combat zone.

Entering into initiative in round one, a ganger who sees Rama and Rez takes a shot but misses. Kobeck moves in and shoots in retaliation. Rez proceeds forward and tries to shoot the same ganger, dealing enough damage to force them to suffer a collapsed lung critical injury. The tank repositions itself, aiming towards the CH-53 aircraft. Fennec prepares the aircraft to evade any ongoing attacks, while Gunhead launches another attack with the onboard machine gun, dealing a large amount of damage. Rama approaches wearing his metal gear armour and flamethrower, aiming toward the rear of the tank. Making an attack, he is able to spurt out a wide arc of fire against the tank.

Rez, Rama and Kobeck drop down in an alleyway behind the tank.

Into round two, Kobeck moves forward to circle around the tank, shooting with his pistol to draw its attention away from Fennec’s helicopter. Rez shoots at the tank, dealing further damage to it’s rear, while another ganger moves into a building out of the line-of-fire. The tank lines toward’s Fennec aircraft, launching a shell which just slightly misses. Fennec moves forward, lining up a shot for Gunhead, who launches another attack with the onboard machine gun. A ganger moves into a building and into cover, while the injured ganger who shot at Fennec earlier attempts another shot, which misses. Rama launches another flamethrower barrage against the tank, and moves forward towards the rear.

Moving into round three, Kobeck moves to chase down one of the gangers that disappeared, Rez makes another attack with her rifle, landing several small shots on the side. The tank shifts targets, and now aims towards Rama. Fennec flies the aircraft further to line up a shot on the tank’s rear, now slightly exposed, and Gunhead launches a rocket straight toward the tank. Gunhead’s attack strikes true, and deals a significant blow on the tank’s backside. Seeing the weakened condition, Rama attempts to climb up on top of the tank, but fails as it continues to shake him off.

In round four, Kobeck tries to draw the attention of the tank to get them away from Rama. The pistol shot lands, but deals little to no damage. As Rez repositions to navigate around an alleyway, she encounters a ganger who had disappeared earlier in combat. Shooting with her rifle, she shoots and damages their left leg. In retaliation, the ganger shoots back with their SMG, but doesn’t deal enough to hit through Rez’ armour. Because the tank can’t land a successful shot because Rama keeps “crab walking”, it repositions and fires at Kobeck. The tank fires and the shell lands just shy of Kobeck, pushing him back from the blast. Fennec repositions his aircraft closer to the alleyway, and Gunhead debates on who to shoot at next. From his angle, the missile shot would encompass Rama in the line of fire. Rama keeps shouting for Gunhead to take the shot, which lands against the tank and Rama. The explosion damages one of the tank’s treads, which flies off and into Rama’s chest. A ganger loops around a building, shooting at Kobeck, but misses. Rama shuffles away the tank, further injuring themselves in the process. Seeing the tank heavily damaged, Rama attempts a final burst with his flamethrower…