EP 20 – For Auld Lang Syne

Out of game, the players discuss how to spend their “Improvement Points” (IP), which is similar to an experience or milestone reward system for their character development. The players have saved their IP from previous sessions, and with a recent additional allotment, agree to spend their IP on impriving their Role Ability. In Cyberpunk Red, the role ability is the defining ability or feature tied to each Role.

Michelle improves Rez’s Medtech role ability of Medicine, which grants her expertise in Surgery, as well as Medical Tech (Pharmaceuticals) and Medical Tech (Cryosystem Operation). She specifically chooses to improve Medical Tech (Pharmaceuticals), which will allow her to synthesise pharmaceutical grade drugs like Speedheals and Stims.

Ze enhances Rama’s Lawman role ability, called Backup. Backup is utilised to “call in” reinforcements, usually law enforcers, and the level of experience and equipment the backup brings is dependent on the rank, or value of the Backup role ability.

Luke considers what he has accomplished for his nomad gang, The Aegis, and improves his Nomad role ability, named Moto. Moto represents the ties and connections a nomad has with their clan, so an improvement in Moto represents Fennec’s commitment to the family. With this, Fennec may be able to more easily call upon favours and access an additional array of vehicles from the family motor pool.

Finally, Jackson increases Gunhead’s Interface, the role ability used by Netrunners. The role ability represents the general ability to access and hack into local networks, so an improved value will result in easier hack attempts and greater control over NET actions.

In-game, the crew continue discussing on how to proceed while standing in the lobby of the old corporate building. With enhanced communication thanks to the long-distance link, they debate about calling in some backup for the fight ahead. Gunhead has H.U.G.O. scan the CitiNET for people who appear sympathetic to the defence of the city, and produces a shortlist of names. Gunhead prepares his agent to send out a wideband message to the list of people, calling for support to help defend the city. He sends instructions to meet at the car park on the southern side of the Bakersfield University campus and attaches a group selfie. Almost immediately, a small group appears interested, sharing and liking the message.

Rama decides to send a callout to Kobeck and Lyon, his work colleagues, from the MAXTAC division of Night City (these characters are explored more in Rama’s ORIGIN STORY – COMING SOON!). The message is brief, indicating he is calling in a favour and needs their help to take on a tank.

Fennec queues up a message to Nathan, an Aegis nomad family member, to request for him to provide support from their supplier shipments, secretly hoping he’ll bring something that packs a punch from the Aegis airbase.

Lastly, Rez contacts her work colleagues, Eaves, Fens and Omar (and Shakes), considering that with a large scale firefight they might need the help of some experience trauma team medics (these characters are explored more in Rez’s ORIGIN STORY – COMING SOON!).

Gunhead is able to activate a long-distance link override command, sending the queued messages off away to their respective destinations, in the hope they receive assistance soon. Fennec pulls his car out of the old corporate lobby and the crew travel back to Bakersfield. As they arrive, the crew notice a small crowd of people gathered near the carpark. Gunhead approaches the group and introduces himself, receiving a small round of applause, with a few people seemingly interested to meet the “maker” of GunChan. He looks through the crowd and spots a tall man with a firm posture standing in a military rest position, who he later confirms is named Trent. He speaks with Trent, asking him to lead the crowd into the city and initiate hit-and-run tactics against any ganger groups that may not be expecting an attack. The man accepts the task and immediately starts, splitting up the crowd into smaller groups and handing out weaponry.

Shortly aftwards, Rez heads north into the University campus, closer to the danger zone, and heads into the medical labs. Entering inside, she sees Daniel Simmons attending to Juliet, laying down in a gurney, with dried blood on her forehead. Rez takes over, performing a paramedic skill check and helps to stabilise Juliet further, determining she is physically fine but has suffered a concussion from the tank assault. She quickly makes use of the lab equipment available and gets to work synthesising a batch of pharmaceutical drugs, which she may be able to make use of. She packs up the gear then heads back outside, regrouping with the rest of the team.

Nathan arrives in Fennec’s Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion, with an array of weapons to boot.

With it having been sometime now passed since they sent their call for help, the crew hear the sounds of helicopter blades in the distance. Fennec immediately recognises his nomad family logo and sees that it is his Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopter, which was being stored at the Inyokern airbase. As the helicopter lands, he sees Nathan exit the aircraft, who walks up to speak with him. Nathan explains after receiving the message that he spoke with Connor Stewart who had been preparing another shipment for their next Night Market shipment, but included a few “extras” for the crew. The crew review the contents, which includes some special incendiary ammunition (with Rama’s name on it), along with a general assortment of typical weapons to resupply the Bakersfield stockpile. Searching through the remainder of the crates, they find two unique weapons; a dart gun with sleep darts, and a flamethrower. Rez pockets the dart gun.

Rama greets his work colleagues, Kobeck and Lyon.

A short time later, another aircraft can be heard in the distance, this time approaching from the south-west. The aircraft is slick black, and the faint sound of heavy metal can be heard from inside. It approaches, swooping around before coming to a stop. Two heavily, armoured people walk out, wearing typical MAXTAC equipment. Rama moves in to approach, greeting Kobeck and Lyon. The two unpack some containers, with Rama finding a full suit of metal gear, very highly defensive armour that should be useful in the upcoming assault. Rama brings his colleagues up to speed, and they agree to support the assault on the tank.

Rez welcomes her Trauma Team to Bakersfield.

As Rama spends time donning the metal gear armour, the crew hear a third (and hopefully final) aircraft approach, spotting an AV-4 with the Trauma Team logo on the side. Exiting the aircraft, Eaves, Fens, Omar, and his drone Shakes, speak with Rez who welcomes, and thanks them for coming. She discusses the best place for them to be, and they agree to provide auxiliary backup support from the air, moving in to provide medical assistance where needed. The crew discuss what armaments they have, and confirm that both Kobeck and Lyon’s MAXTAC AV-4, and Fennec’s CH-53 helicopter have sufficient firepower to launch a strong assault.

They all huddle together, discussing a game plan. Gunhead has H.U.G.O. prepare a real-time feed, using analytical data from CitiNET agents on the network, identifying Trent and his team as friendlies so everyone else can avoid accidentally attacking them. Rama approaches within his metal gear armour, and Rez is able to source a bulletproof shield from her work colleagues. They begin to plan: Rama plans to fly over the tank, drop, then attack with the flamethrower. Fennec asks Gunhead to fly with him in his Sikorsky, giving him a better view from the sky, while Rez agrees to fly-in with Rama in the MAXTAC AV-4. As they prepare to take off, Fennec speaks with a local member of the Bakersfield security force, handing over the remainder of the weapons Nathan delivered in the shipment via Connor Stewart. A short time later, the aircraft take off, heading north towards the tank.