EP 3 – Best Laid Plans

VC’s flash bang lands upstairs and blinds a ganger, but also gets caught in the blast. Fietro, the ganger boss, manages to dodge out of the way at the last moment. To try and hide his whereabouts, Gunhead turns off the lights in the warehouse building. Rama launches a barrage of shots against Fietro, with Rez following shortly behind with a shot from her shotgun.

The result of Gunhead’s car crash

As Gunhead aims to head towards the office building, he attempts to scan for other localNETs in the area. A few of the cars on the street are picked up by his scans, and he jacks in. Encountering a password, Gunhead runs a backdoor against the car’s security, but fails. Rama lands a critical hit against a ganger’s rib cage. Fietro moves deeper into the back of the office to seek cover. Fennec uses his short sword to pierce through a cubicle divider, moving closer to get to Fietro. VC recovers from the flash bang and moves into the fray. He grabs a office desk and throws it into a position to use as cover.

Gunhead cracks the car’s localNET, but fails on a control check to start it up. Upstairs the battle continues with Rama, VC, Fennec and Rez pushing further into the office building. Outside, a firefight ensues between the ganger’s backup and the police. With control over the car, Gunhead uses his net running abilities to speed the car straight into two gangers. He then spins and launches the car to take out another ganger on the street. VC and Rez land a barrage a shotgun blasts against Fietro and the remaining ganger upstairs, clearing out the remaining threat. They begin to assess the bodies for extractable cyberware and weapons, then head back downstairs to meet with Gunhead. Regrouping with the backup that Rama called in, Gunhead contacts Viktor Anyov to report the job is complete, and he indicates he is sending the client, a Mr. Anuj Singh with the Khuma Astra corporation.

The client arrives

The client arrives in a luxury ground car with security escort, and introduces themselves. They thank the team for their work and enter into the office to assess the building, and review the remaining inventory in the warehouse. The crew head into their cars to head back to debrief with Victor Anyov at the Recyclands Office.