EP 2 – Tactics

Gunhead continues to navigate through the old medical warehouse’s localNET. He encounters a Raven black ICE program and prepares to fight it with a Sword program. In a single attack, he is able to defeat the Raven, which deactivates. Rama continues to inspect the warehouse containers, finding more supplies for the production of narcotics.

Fennec moves the car out of the warehouse and back onto the street. Gunhead cracks a password in the localNET and identifies accessible control nodes that each control the camera and lighting systems in the building. Checking a file he had earlier scanned, he notifies the team of the location of several other Endolphin bases in the area.

Rama and Fennec attempt to gain access to the main office section of the building, but find the door is locked. Fennec hot wires a car on the street, lines it up and drives it into the office door, barrelling out at the last moment. The car collides and the door flies off its frame, allowing the team to get inside. Rama heads into the office first, identifying a few gangers toward the back of the building. Rama propels forward and shouts, himself as an NCPD officer. A ganger panics, throwing down their weapon and surrendering. Rama handcuffs and detains the ganger. While this happens, a second ganger waiting in a side room opens a door and the crew engage in combat. Fennec makes multiple shots with his pistol, with one hit landing. The armed ganger shoots back, damaging a table in the back of the room before retreating. Rama accelerates inwards, shooting off a barrage with Autofire.

Meanwhile, Rez leaves the warehouse where Gunhead is still jacked in. Gunhead connects to the camera systems of the building, and he can see upstairs, identifying a few gangers who have holed themselves upstairs. Rama shouts out the armed ganger in the room, demanding their surrender. As the ganger is injured, they comply and throw their weapon. Rama interrogates the ganger about their activities, and Rez arrives to check on the injured ganger’s wounds.

Rama takes out the ganger’s agent, demanding he call their boss, Fietro who is located upstairs. Rama tries to talk him down in exchange for a lighter sentence. The conversation deteriorates and Fietro disconnects the call, deciding to call in more Endolphin gangers from a neighbouring hideout. Rama also elects to call in backup, with four beat cops being dispatched from a nearby police precinct. Gunhead provides input on the status of the gangers via the camera feeds, while they debate on using smoke or flash bang grenades as a breaching option.

Rama’s backup arrives on-scene

A few minutes later, Rama’s backup arrives, who are briefed on the situation. The officers set up around the entrance to the office building. The crew decide on a game plan: Lob a flash bang as they ascend the staircase at the back of the building, that leads to the upper floor. Gunhead creates a virus within the localNET that loops video of Fietro, the ganger boss, while he superimposes his own audio. He sends out the virus, which is sent to the gangers outside. Gunhead then activates controls for the lighting system in the upper floor of the building. Rama and VC head upwards first up the stairs. VC throws a flash bang into the center of the room.