Campaign Details and Maps

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Provided here is some background information on the campaign as a whole, as well as maps taken from the campaign. If you haven’t yet listened to the podcast, or read the episode recaps, be warned that spoilers may be present.


Aegis Nomad Clan

Based out of an abandoned Inyokern airfield, the Aegis nomads have pooled together reclaimed aircraft, along with a few ground vehicles which allows them to operate out of the region. Fennec is a member of the Aegis, and maintains contact with his family throughout the campaign.

Bakersfield Reclamation Team

Led by Evan Briggs, the Bakersfield Reclamation Team is an initiative started by the Southern Californian government to expand and re-settle once-abandoned towns and cities that fell during the dark time after the fall of the worldwide NET. While accompanied by a contingent of soldiers, scientists and reclamation specialists, the leadership team consists of: Daniel Simmons, Juliet Lonsdale, Kave, Oliver Krans, Richard Thwatt and Son Ji Won.


Expanding throughout the West Coast, the Endolphins are a ganger group that focus on raiding old medical and pharmaceutical buildings, in part to fuel their ambitious expansions to manufacture and distribute street drugs to an ever-expanding clientele.

Oildale Gangers

A collective of disgruntled gangers and hostile nomads, this group has sprung up on the oilfields just outside of Bakersfield in the aptly named: Oildale. Fed up with the reliance on biofuels in the time of the Red, the Oildale gangers operate “classic” cars, recovered or retrofitted to enable traditional fuel consumption. It is rumoured the gangers have taken over an oil plant as their main base of operations, to assist with their expansion.


Sprung up from the rising trend in re-settling the “badlands” outside the major cities, Recyclands hires contractors who then coordinate with government-led operations as part of resettlement and reclamation efforts.


Northern and Southern California, 2045

In 2045, the state of California is split into a North and South. Shortened as: NorCal and SoCal, the states are kept busy managing their own affairs, with enormous populations pushing their megacities to the limits. Night City and Stateline operate on, or close to, the border, and see frequent trade. Prior to the events of the campaign, Bakersfield is a footnote: a forgotten city left abandoned from the years of struggle and mass migration to the safety of the bigger cities.

California, 2045. The former state split into two, with Night City and Stateline practically sitting on the border.

Bakersfield, 2045

In the year 2045, Bakersfield is a shadow of its former self. Thousands fled to the major cities, seeking protection from radiation storms and migrating to use the localised data networks. Before the events of the campaign, mostly stubborn citizens and scavengers remain, making do with what remains. Oildale gangers have increased operations north of the Kern river, and operate makeshift checkpoints to harass and intimidate travellers into paying exorbitant “convenience” fees. A small reclamation team is seeking to establish a foothold in the remains of Bakersfield University, to the south-west of town.

Bakersfield, 2045.


We use a Virtual Tabletop (VTT) system for most of our games, so for combat we find ourselves using pre-made or custom battlemaps. Provided below are a few that have been made by Ben over the years for specific scenarios or encounters. All are provided in 70 PPI. Click the images to load a full-size copy of the image for download.

A basement below a game arcade. It can reached via stairs or an elevator, and features a small server farm and operator console.

A small ganger base in the badlands. Some electrical wiring can provide motion detection alerts or a satelite uplink to allies. Passages east and west could lead further into a base.

Bakersfield, 2045 (Grid version). Suitable for warfare, night markets or haggling with food vendors.

Bakersfield, 2045 (Gridless). Same as above, but 100% less grids (except the city grid itself, Choomba).