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The Crew | Episode Recaps | Campaign Details

  • EP 1 – The First Job
    The year is 2045. Night City is a sprawling region on the western coast of the United States, nestled between L.A. and San Francisco. The… Read More »
  • EP 2 – Tactics
    Gunhead continues to navigate through the old medical warehouse’s localNET. He encounters a Raven black ICE program and prepares to fight it with a Sword… Read More »
  • EP 3 – Best Laid Plans
    VC’s flash bang lands upstairs and blinds a ganger, but also gets caught in the blast. Fietro, the ganger boss, manages to dodge out of… Read More »
  • EP 4 – Upgrades
    Gunhead, Fennec, Rez and VC head back to the Recyclands office in Fennec’s car, while Rama detours via a local police district to drop off… Read More »
  • EP 5 – Stateline
    Fennec’s brake manoeuvre doesn’t work as well as he planned, with the two motorbike riders attacking them swerving out of the way at the last… Read More »
  • EP 6 – Powering Up
    The crew meet with their respective counterparts and get briefed on what each team needs to get the University into a functional state. Collectively, they… Read More »
  • EP 7 – The Arcade
    Heading into the former downtown area of Bakersfield, the crew arrive to inspect the area for buildings that may still house tech that Kave would… Read More »
  • EP 8 – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
    Rez works with Fennec to prepare the barrels of acid that the mysterious figure “placed” into the crowd. Gunhead runs a Pathfinder check, and identifies… Read More »
  • EP 9 – Splinter Cell
    After a few days rest, the crew regroup to decide on the next job to do. Gunhead continues working away with Kave on the Bakersfield… Read More »
  • EP 10 – A Bridge Too Far
    The crew wake up after their late night interrogation and re-group in the University’s cafeteria building. VC gets up to speed on what the crew… Read More »
  • EP 11 – Exclusive Access
    Out of game, the players discuss options for upgrading their character stats through the use of Improvement Points (IP). Ze (Rama) invests points in Drive… Read More »
  • EP 12 – The Art of the Steal
    As the crew return from their earlier expedition to the library in the Country Club, they debate on what to do next. Rez accesses a… Read More »
  • EP 13 – Deal or No Deal
    The crew find Oliver Krans in the University and speak with him about his requirements to schedule a recurring nomad resupply deal. Oliver informs them… Read More »
  • EP 14 – Market Day
    Having not heard from Gunhead in some time, the rest of the crew visit the Computer Science lab to speak with him. They encounter Gunhead… Read More »
  • EP 15 – What Happens In Vegas
    The crew head into the hired car service and debate on what to do with some downtime before they have to meet with Connor Stewart…. Read More »
  • EP 16 – The Wild Bunch
    While they wait to meet at the Pacific Private Rail train station, Rama sends an outbound message via his agent, providing a tip off to… Read More »
  • EP 17 – Out of the Frying Pan
    The crew spend about 15 minutes in the hired taxi before arriving in a part of Koreatown, in downtown L.A. The driver asks for his… Read More »